Welcome to our 8th edition:
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16 June – Opening speech

1.15 PM > 1.30 PM

Philippe Varin,Chairman World Materials Forum (France)

16 June - Plenary Session 1 - Criticality Assessment

1.30 PM > 3.00 PM

James Litinsky, CEO MP Materials (USA) , Co-chair
Mikael Staffas, CEO Boliden (Sweden), Co-chair
Rebecca Gordon, CEO CRU Consulting (UK)
Christophe Poinssot, COO BRGM (France)
Frank Bekaert, MD Practice Mining & Metals Mc Kinsey (Belgium)
Moderator : Victoire de Margerie, Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum (France)

16 June – Roundtable: Financing of mining investments for electrification

3.00 PM > 4.00 PM

Philippe Varin, Chairman WMF (France)
Brian Menell, CEO Techmet (UK)
Bernd Schaefer, CEO EIT Raw Materials (Germany)
Sam Riggall, WMF Steering Committee (Australia)

4.00 PM > 4.30 PM

16 June – Roundtable: Progress on Plastics Recycling

4.30 PM > 5.45 PM

Jean Hornain, CEO Citeo (France)
Kieran Smith, CEO & Founder Mr Green Trading (Kenya)
Hartwig Michels, President Petrochemicals BASF (Germany)
Jean Sentenac, WMF Steering Committee (France)

16 June – Special Keynote

5.45 PM > 6.45 PM

Pascal Lamy , Chairman Paris Peace Forum (France)

16 June - Innovation dinner (announcement of Start Up Challenge awards)

7.45 PM

17 June - Plenary Session 2 - WMF KPIs along the supply chain

8.15 AM > 10.00 AM

Mark Cutifani, CEO AngloAmerican (UK/Australia), Co-chair
Ludger Rethmann, Chairman of Management Board Remondis (Germany), Co-chair
Christophe André, CEO Vynova (Belgium)
Cedric Dever, Global Materials Science Expert L'Oreal (France)
Bodil Sonesson, CEO Fagerhult (Sweden)
Antoine Rostand, CEO Kayrros (France)
Moderator :Vincent Bamberger, MD Arthur D Little (France)

10.00 AM > 10.30 AM

17 June - Plenary Session 3 - BioMaterials

10.30 AM > 12.15 PM

Ilham Kadri, CEO Solvay (Belgium), Co-chair
Thierry Le Hénaff, CEO Arkema (France), Co-chair
Nikolai Zaepernick, Chief Business Officer EOS (Germany)
Yelena Kann, CTO Radical Plastics (USA)
Rich Altice, CEO NatureWorks (USA)
Chris Housmekerides, CTO Hygiene Business Reckitt (NL)
Moderator :Cynthia Arnold, Board Director Fluence Energy & Milliken (USA)

12.15 PM > 2.00 PM

17 June - Special Keynote

2.00 PM > 2.30 PM

Mathieu Klein, Chairman of the Grand Nancy Metropole

17 June - Plenary Session 4 - Recycling of EE Wastes

2.30 PM > 4.15 PM

Mathias Miedreich, CEO Umicore (Belgium), Co-chair
Brian Leen, CEO Gopher Resources, (USA), Co-chair
Maxime Picat, EVP Greater Europe Stellantis (France)
Preston Bryant, CEO Momentum Tech, (USA)
Benoit Lemaignan, CEO Verkor (France)
Herwart Wilms, Chair Raw Materials Policy BDI (Germany)
Moderator :Kevin Kramer, WMF Steering Committee (USA)

4.15 PM > 5.00 PM

17 June - Scientific Debate

5.00 PM > 6.00 PM

Eric Fullerton, UC San Diego (USA)
Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer Renault (France)

17 June - Gala dinner (announcement of Scale Up Grand Prix)

7.30 PM

18 June - Plenary Session 5 - Decarbonation of Bulk Materials (steel, cement and aluminium)

8.45 AM > 10.30 AM

Shunichi Miyanaga, Chairman MHI (Japan)
Guy Sidos, CEO Vicat (France)
Cody Finke, CEO Brimstone Energy (USA)
Vincent Christ, CEO Elysis (Canada)
Eric Niedziela, CEO Arcelor Mittal France (France)
Moderator : Carlos de Los Llanos (France)

10.30 AM > 11.00 AM

18 June - Plenary Session 6 - WMF Top 10 Technologies

11.00 AM > 12.45 PM

Patrick Koller, CEO Forvia (France), Co-chair
Robert Friedland, Chairman Ivanhoe Mining (Canada/Singapore), Co-chair
Robert Bjekovic, University of Ravensburg (Germany)
Rohit Makharia, President & COO SES (USA/Singapore )
Shirley Meng, Argonne National Lab (USA)
Karim Zhagib, Mc Gill University/Concordia University (Canada)
Moderators : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE, Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum
Stéphane Mangin, WMF Steering Committee

18 June - Concluding Speech

12.45 PM > 1.00 PM

Philippe Varin, Chairman World Materials Forum (France)