We look forward to welcoming you in Nancy for our 4th edition that will be dedicated to

The Future of Materials : Use Smarter, Less and Longer.


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27 June – Opening debate on Plastic Recycling


Jean-Louis Chaussade - CEO Suez (France) - Co Chair
Jean Hornain - CEO CITEO (France) - Co Chair
Brune Poirson - Secretary of State attached to the Minister of State, Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition (France)
Joao Sousa - Marine Project Manager, IUCN (Switzerland)
Karma Yonten - CEO Greener Way (Bhutan)
Sander Defruyt - Lead New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (UK)
Moderator : Philippe BIDEAU, Member of World Materials Forum Steering Committee


Buffet dinner for all participants at Hotel de la Reine

28 June – Opening Speech

09h00 - 09h15

Welcome address Philippe VARIN - Chairman World Materials Forum

28 June - Plenary Session 1 - Future trends on critical materials

09h15 - 11h00

Robert Friedland - Chairman Ivanhoe (Canada/Singapore) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Ivanhoe-Robert-Friedland.pdf
Patrick Koller - CEO Faurecia (France) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Faurecia-Patrick-Koller.pdf
Peter Carlsson - Founder & CEO Northvolt (Sweden)
> WMF2018-Northvolt-Peter-Carlsson.pdf
Pierre Toulhoat - COO BRGM (France)
> WMF2018-BRGM-Pierre-Toulhoat.pdf
David Trafford - CEO CRU Consulting (UK)
> WMF2018-CRU-David-trafford.pdf
Frank Bekaert - Senior Partner McKinsey (Belgium)
> WMF2018-McKinsey-Franck-Bekaert.pdf
Moderator : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum

11h00 - 11h30

28 June - Plenary Session 2 - Which KPIs for Using Materials Smarter, Less and Longer ?

11h30 - 13h15

Shunichi Miyanaga - CEO Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-MHI-Shunichi-Miyanaga.pdf
Gilles Michel - CEO Imerys (France) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Imerys-Gilles-Michel.pdf
Marco Giovannini - CEO Guala Closures (Italy)
> WMF2018-Guala-closures-Marco-Giovannini.pdf
Vincent Bamberger - MD Arthur D Little (France)
> WMF2018-Arthur-D-Little-Vincent-bamberger.pdf
Carla Gohin - Senior VP Innovation PSA (France)
> WMF2018-PSA-Gohin.pdf
Carlos de Los Llanos - Scientific Director Citeo (France)
> WMF2018-Citeo-Carlos-de-Los-Llanos.pdf
Moderator : Dr. Johan MENCKEL, Member of World Materials Forum Steering Committee

13h15 - 14h45

28 June - Plenary Session 3 - 3D as an Industrial Process?

14h45 - 16h30

Thierry Le Hénaff - CEO Arkema (France) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Arkema-Thierry Le Hénaf.pdf
Nick Stanage - CEO Hexcel (USA) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Hexcel-Nick-Stanage.pdf
> WMF2018-Hexcel-Nick-Stanage-conclusion.pdf
Nicole Lecca - SVP Purchasing Airbus (France/Germany)
> WMF2018-Airbus-Nicole-Lecca.pdf
Scott Crump - Chairman Stratasys (USA)
> WMF2018-Stratasys-Scott-Crump.pdf
Dr Adrian Keppler - CEO EOS (Germany)
> WMF2018-EOS-Dr-Adrian-Keppler.pdf
Dr Joe DeSimone - Founder & CEO Carbon 3D (USA)
> WMF2018-Carbon-3D-Dr-Joe-DeSimone.pdf
Moderator : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum

16h30 - 17h00

28 June - Plenary Session 4 - Reduce materials intensity for building industry ?

17h00 - 18h30

Pierre André de Chalendar - CEO Saint-Gobain (France) - Co Chair
> WMF2018- Saint-Gobain-Pierre-Andre-de-Chalendar-introduction.pdf
> WMF2018-Saint-Gobain-Pierre-Andre-de-Chalendar-introduction.pdf
Egil Hogna - CEO Hydro Extruded Solutions (Norway) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Hydro-Extruded-Solutions-Egil-Hogna.pdf
Francisco Ruiz - CEO Keey Aerogel (Switzerland)
> WMF2018-Keey-Aerogel-Francisco-Ruiz.pdf
Enrico Borgarello - Director Global Product Innovation, HeidelbergCement (Germany)
> WMF2018-HeidelbergCement-Enrico-Borgarello.pdf
Mark Sarkisian - Architect Skidmore, Owens and Merrill LLP (USA)
> WMF2018-Owens-and-Merrill-LLP-Mark-Sarkisian.pdf
Moderator : Philippe VARIN, Chairman World Materials Forum


Gala dinner & Welcome address by André ROSSINOT - Chairman of Nancy Eurometropole
Political Keynote Speech by Daniel Calleja Crespo - Director General DG Environment (EEC) - TBC
> WMF2018-Daniel-Calleja-Crespo-political-keynote.pdf
Awards Ceremony for WMF Start Up Challenge by Prof. Victoire de Margerie - Vice-Chairman, World Materials Forum

29 June -  Societal Keynote Speech

8h30 - 9h00

Jacques Attali - Chairman Positive Planet (France)

29 June - Plenary Session 5 - Big Data/AI for Materials Efficiency

09h00 - 10h45

Greg Mulholland - CEO Citrine Informatics (USA) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Citrine-Informatics-Greg-Mulholland.pdf
Prof. Reinhold Dauskardt - Stanford University (USA)
> WMF2018-Stanford-University-Prof-Reinhold-Dauskardt.pdf
Klaus Richter - Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus Group (France/Germany)
> WMF2018-Airbus-Group-Klaus-Richter.pdf
Dr Heike Riel - Director IoT Technology & Solutions IBM Research (USA)
> WMF2018-IBM-Research-Dr-Heike-Riel.pdf
Viet Le Hong - CTO FPT Software (Vietnam)
> WMF2018-FPT-Software-Viet-Le-Hong.pdf
Jean Sentenac - CEO Axens (France)
> WMF2018-Axens-Jean-Sentenac.pdf
Moderator : John Miller, Writer and Journalist (USA)

10h45 - 11h15

29 June - Scientific Keynote Speech

11h15 - 11h45

Prof. Eric Fullerton - UC San Diego (USA)
> WMF2018-Prof-Eric-Fullerton.pdf

29 June - Plenary Session 6 -  E Wastes as a new Resource?

11h45 - 13h15

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu - CEO Solvay (Belgium) - Co Chair
> WMF2018-Solvay-Jean-Pierre-Clamadieu.pdf
Brett Olsher - Chairman Global Natural Resources Goldman Sachs International (UK)
> WMF2018-Goldman-Sachs-Brett-Olsher.pdf
Moyo Kamgaing - Group Head Investment Bank EcoBank (Nigeria)
> WMF2018-EcoBank-Moyo-Kamgaing.pdf
Holy Ranaivozanany - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Huawei (China)
> WMF2018-Huawei-Holy-Ranaivozanany.pdf
Prof. Nicola Marzari - EPFL (Switzerland)
> WMF2018-EPFL-Nicola-Marzari.pdf
Moderator : Prof. Stéphane MANGIN, Member of World Materials Forum Steering Committee


Closing speeches by Laurent HENART - Mayor of Nancy and Philippe VARIN - Chairman World Materials Forum, followed by lunch