Welcome to our 6th edition:
From Breakthrough Innovation to Industry-Sound and Fast

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We are waiting for you at the Nancy Town Hall, 1 Stanislas place.

26 August – Welcoming speeches

1.00 PM > 1.30 PM

Philippe Varin,Chairman World Materials Forum (France)
> WMF 2020 Philippe Varin Welcoming Speech.pdf
Mathieu Klein,Mayor of Nancy (France)

26 August - Plenary Session 1 - Criticality Assessment 2020 with a focus on technology and environmental footprint

1.30 PM > 3.30 PM

Shigeru Oi, Chairman JXNMM (Japan), Co-chair
> WMF 2020 PS1 Shigeru Oi.pdf
Robert Friedland, Founder & Executive Chairman Ivanhoe Mining (Singapore), Co-chair
> WMF 2020 PS1 Robert Friedland (video)
Pierre Toulhoat,COO BRGM (France)
> WMF 2020 PS1 Pierre Toulhoat.pdf
Rebecca Gordon, CEO CRU Consulting (UK)
> WMF 2020 PS1 Rebecca Gordon.pdf
Frank Bekaert, Senior Partner Mc Kinsey - downstream tech (Belgium)
> WMF 2020 PS1 Frank Bekaert.pdf
Andreas Wendt, Member of Management Board BMW (Germany)
> WMF 2020 PS1 Andreas Wendt.pdf
Moderator : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum
> WMF 2020 PS1 Conclusion Victoire de Margerie.pdf

3.30 PM > 4.00 PM

26 August – Keynote Speech - Impact of COVID 19 on Trade and Sustainable Development

4.00 PM > 4.30 PM

Pascal Lamy, ex-Director General World Trade Organization (France)

26 August – Keynote Speech - Impact of COVID 19 on Energy Transition

4.30 PM > 5.00 PM

Shunichi Miyanaga, CEO Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)
> WMF2020-Keynote-Shunichi-Miyanaga.pdf

26 August - Plenary Session 2 - Fuel Cells: Making It affordable

5.00 PM > 6.00 PM

Patrick Koller, CEO Faurecia (France)
> WMF2020 PS2 Patrick Koller.pdf
Gerald Killmann, Vice President R&D Toyota Motor Europe (Belgium)
> WMF 2020 PS2 Gerald Killmann.pdf
Moderator : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum

26 August - One to one meetings

6.00 PM > 8.00 PM

8.15 PM

Welcome adress & Gala dinner (Town hall)
Awards Ceremony for WMF Start Up Challenge

27 August - Plenary Session 3 -  WMF KPIs: Further adoption

8.15 AM > 10.00 AM

Pierre-André de Chalendar, CEO Saint-Gobain (France), Co-chair
> WMF2020 PS3 Pierre-André de Chalendar.pdf
Mark Cutifani, CEO Anglo American (UK/Australia), Co-chair
> WMF2020 PS3 Mark Cutifani.pdf
Joerg Walden, CEO iPoint-systems (Germany)
> WMF2020 PS3 Joerg Walden.pdf
Jean-Philippe Hermine, Vice President Strategic Environmental Planning Renault (France)
> WMF2020 PS3 Jean-Philippe Hermine.pdf
Oliver Dreier, Senior VP Materials Airbus (France/Germany)
> WMF2020 PS3 Oliver Dreier.pdf
Céline Méchain, Managing Director Goldman Sachs (France)
> WMF2020 PS3 Céline Méchain.pdf
Moderator : Johan Menckel, WMF Steering Committee (Sweden)

10.00 AM > 10.30 AM

27 August - Plenary Session 4 - Recycling of commodity plastics and composites

10.30 AM > 12.15 PM

Ilham Kadri, CEO Solvay (Belgium), Co-chair
> WMF2020 PS4 Ilham Kadri.pdf
Jean Hornain, CEO Citeo (France), Co-chair
> WMF2020 PS4 Jean Hornain.pdf
Hartwig Michels, President Petrochemicals BASF (Germany)
> WMF2020 PS4 Hartwig Michels.pdf
Brett Helms, Berkeley (USA)
> WMF2020 PS4 Brett Helms.pdf
Deepak Parikh, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer Indorama Ventures (Thailand)
> WMF2020 PS4 Deepak Parikh.pdf
Frédéric Jouin, CTO Danone Packaging (France)
> WMF2020 PS4 Frédéric Jouin.pdf
Moderator : Jean Sentenac, CEO Axens (France)
> WMF2020 PS4 Conclusion.pdf

12.15 PM > 1.30 PM | Lunch

27 August - The WMF top 10 Technologies

1.30 PM > 3.30 PM

Nick Stanage, CEO Hexcel (USA), Co-Chair
Thierry Le Hénaff, CEO Arkema (France), Co-chair
Shunichi Miyanaga, Chairman MHI (Japan), Co-Chair
Philippe Varin, Chairman WMF (France)
Victoire de Margerie, Vice Chairman WMF (France)
Matt Price, President Activate/Cyclotron Road (USA)
Hirofumi Katase, Vice Chairman I Pulse (Japan)
Stéphane Mangin, University of Lorraine (France)

27 August -  Closing remarks

3.30 PM > 4.00 PM

Philippe Varin, Chairman World Materials Forum (France)