Dear all,

WMF 2021 just ended: another stunning edition - the 7th already - focused on convergence between green materials and high tech.

We made progress on our 4 signature tools: our WMF criticality assessment highlighted the need for new green materials and the risk of disruptions all along the supply chain from mining to manufacturing of consumers products, our WMF KPIs made evident some high potential solutions for better living in smarter Cities as well as with new redesigned transportation modes, our community of Start ups got stronger and better connected, and the 2nd edition of our Top 10 Technologies highlighted further breakthrough innovations to support our now famous decoupling between economic growth and the use of our natural resources.

We also shared in depth updates about Conversion to Electrification and the road to Green hydrogen at scale, decarbonation of Bulk Materials and the future of Packaging.

And we experimented an incredible mix of in person discussions - such as a memorable US - Europe "beer drinking session" about EV batteries on the Stanislas Square - and digital exchanges with our highly committed speakers from Australia, Canada, Japan and the UK still kept at home due to their national COVID restrictions - See selected pictures

So as always a high density of information, talent, inspiration, engagement and dare we say passion to bring further together industry and environment with actionable and executed solutions for a better world - All presentations are available under the tab "Program 2021".

So thank you all: our partners, speakers, moderators, nominees, participants and organizers!

And guess what: the dates of WMF 2022 are now set - 16-18 June - and we have already started working on the program!

Philippe Varin and Victoire de Margerie