Dear all,

The 4th edition of World Materials Forum is now over and we wish to thank all partners, speakers and participants who were with us during WMF 2018.

You will find enclosed the Summary of Findings that we just finalized and that further demonstrates some clear features of our “brand”:

- collective intelligence developed by all materials stakeholders at the highest level: Industrial Actors (both MNCs, SMEs and start ups), Political Leaders (both international organizations, national politicians and mayors of big cities) and Key Opinion Influencers (scientists, academia, NGOs, media and experts)

- practical solutions based on transparent facts and figures: Criticality Assessment of raw materials, KPIs toolkit to measure progress on the road towards materials efficiency, Start Up Challenge etc...

- no other similar event in the world and strong identification of participants due to their limited number - 250.

We have now started to work and improve WMF further for our 5th edition that will happen in 2019 in Nancy between June 12th and June 14th.

Victoire de Margerie and Philippe Varin.