The Start-up Challenge

An opportunity to present innovative and impactful solutions to use materials smarter, less and longer. 


Jean Pierre Fortin
Process to convert titanium scrap and post used components into high valuable powder to produce new parts with Additive Manufacturing


APPLIED NANO LAYERS (Delft, Netherlands)
Paul Hedges
Advanced manufacturing of “wafer scale” Graphene and 2D material for the semiconductor industry


BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Berkeley, California)
Cody Finke
Process to make ordinary Portland cement without emitting CO2 and while co generating low cost emission free hydrogen



COLD PAD (Paris, France)
Jean Philippe Court
Safe repair and fastening solutions allowing for life extension of existing infrastructures


COMPPAIR (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Amaël Cohades
Novel chemistry to produce healable composite materials while extending their lifetime


CYCLOPURE (Skokie, Illinois)
Frank Cassou
Turning corn into polymers for water purification


CYPRIS MATERIAL (Berkeley, California)
Ryan Pearson
Highly tunable reflective coatings for rapid self-assembly on rough, uneven or curved surfaces


EH GROUP (Vaud, Switzerland)
Mardit Matian
Design, development and production of cheaper, lighter & more compact hydrogen fuel cell solutions


ELMWORKS (Berkeley, USA)
Sam Calisch
Additive manufacturing of copper based electronics wirings


GRAPHENEMG (Darra, Australia)
Craig Nicol
Liquide graphene formulations that significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in engine oils, coolants and air conditioning systems


KI ENERGY (Rome, Italy)
Federico Pino
Tailor-made solutions for small-scale waste management and clean energy generation


NANOMAKERS (Rambouillet, France)
Jean François Perrin
Patented nano silicon that multiplied the energy stored in the battery anodes by up to 3


NELUMBO (Hayward, California)
Liam Berryman
Surface treatment nanotechnology for improved heat exchanger performance and corrosion resistance


RADICAL PLASTICS (Boston, Massachusetts)
Kristin Taylor
Patented mineral-based catalyst that allows to biodegrade polyolefin agricultural films in 6 months



SPIN ION (Palaiseau, France)
Dafiné Ravelosona Ramasitera
Provides a manufacturing process solution to increase the storage density and reduce the power consumption of digital memory


UBIQD (Los Alamos, New Mexico)
Hunter McDaniel
Nanomaterials for better quality of light rather than more light to improve crop yield


VARTEGA (Golden, Colorado)
Andrew Maxey
Low cost carbon fiber recycling process



ZETA ENERGY (Angleton, Texas)
Charles Maslin
Cobalt free highly stable sulfur cathode with graphene lithium metal anode resulting in safe & low-cost lithium sulfur batteries