The Scale-up/Start-up Challenges

An opportunity to present innovative and impactful solutions to use materials smarter, less and longer. 


ANTHRO ENERGY (San Jose, California)
David Mackanic
Polymer technology that integrates with existing manufacturing capabilities and increases the battery life of wearable electronics by a factor of five.


BLACKLEAF (Strasbourg, France)
Yannick Lafue
Novel graphene chemistry with high product concentration (up to 800g/l), production at ambient temperature as well as low capital and opex intensity.


C12 QUANTUM (Paris, France)
Matthieu & Pierre Desjardins
Developing carbon nanotubes to quantum computing with the goal of speeding up highly computing tasks currently out of reach of even most powerful supercomputers. 


ETS (MIT/Berkeley, USA)
Daniel Stack & Joey Kabel
Heat resistant ceramic bricks housed in thermally insulated steel containers in order to store surplus electricity and deliver zero carbon high temperature heat for Bulk Materials production.


INOPSYS (Mechelen, Belgium)
Steven de Laet
Treatment of side streams from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in order to recover clean water and valuable elements (Palladium, Platinum, Zinc...).


LIXO (Paris, France)
Marjorie Darcet
Combining computer vision and miniaturisation of algorithms to analyze plastics waste flows and improve plastics waste valorisation.


NEW GENERATION TANKS (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Gilles Rocher
Innovative hydrogen storage pressure tanks made of thermoplastic composites that are lighter, recyclable, more durable and easy to integrate into vehicles.



NITRICITY (San Francisco, California)
Nicolas Pinkowski & Joshua Mc Enaney
New low cost process to produce nitrogen fertilizer at the point of use while using only air, water and renewable electricity.


QUANTUM VENTURA (San Jose, California)
Srini Vasan
More efficient and less polluting electrochemical process that safely dissolves non ferrous metals from electronics leading to complete recovery of precious metals (silver, gold...).