The Scale-up/Start-up Challenges

An opportunity to present innovative and impactful solutions to use materials smarter, less and longer. 

The nominees of the World Materials Forum Scale Up and Start Up Challenges 2023

The awards of the World Materials Forum Scale Up and Start Up Challenges 2023


Francisco Carranza
New polymer electrolyte that are cathode agnostic and make lower cost EV battery chemistries - no high temperature requested. 


Anvesh Gurijala
New fiber for composite materials 


CQUESTER (California) 
Clement Cid
Low cost CO2 capture and verification 


ENZINC (California)
Michael Burz 
New zinc nickel battery chemistry - microsponge that prevents dentrite - with same energy density and lower cost than LFP 


Frederic Goettmann
Recycled carbon fibers from thermoset composites 


Andrey Shigaev
New storage battery chemistry with lower cost and zero solvant, nickel and cobalt. Further development with electrodes made with by product of H2 captured carbon


INLYTEENERGY (California) 
Antonio Baclig
Salt and iron battery for grid storage with abundant materials, long life time and safety - and half the cost vs LIB or Vanadium Redox


MECAWARE (France) 
Arnaud Villers dArbouet
Lower cost battery recycling tech thanks to no need of water treatment unit and lower footprint altogether


METASEISMIC (California)
Noemi Bonessio
AI designed bio based metal materials fully reusable and with high shock/vibration protection as an alternative to foam for packaging sensitive electronic devices/parts



MITRACHEM (California)
Vivas Kumar
Using AI to develop new LFP EV battery chemistry with same performance of LIB and use of abundant materials



Eric Louvert
Recycling of multilayer and composite materials thanks to high intensity/ high frequency process


Olivia Page
Alternative to EPS as Building Material with 40% less energy and 90% less water thanks to waste from paper bound by mushroom fungal adhesives