World Materials Forum
Newsletter 59

Dear all, 

The race for critical resources is intensifying and Africa intends to play more of a significant role (Bradley). Funding for mining projects is still very much needed ( Currently, the world is falling way behind in producing enough copper (CNBC). A thorough global panorama is available for rare earths (Financial times), and interest is growing for manganese based on rocketing demand forecast (Green Car Congress). Recycling is also part of the strategy: European lawmakers are pushing for more recycling in search for improving access to critical minerals (Reuters).

Progress is also impressive both on the scientific and engineering fronts: 

MIT highlights a pixel-by-pixel analysis to improve LFP battery performance. Fritz Haber Institute tests the addition of iron to cobalt oxide for lower cost anodes in the production of green H2. Also for green H2 Rice University proposes an alternative to water electrolysis by processing plastic wastes with rapid flash Joule heating. And Jülich Forschungszentrum presents molybdenene, a new material from the same family as graphene with additional properties. 

Stellantis proposes a combination of new materials and processes to make batteries 50% lighter when Tesla develops new car making processes for an optimum use of materials. And a new process to inspect solar panels is implemented at NREL.

Finally Boston Metals and H2 Green Steel have both just closed major fundings in order to upscale two breakthrough technologies for green steel (Mining Technology and Reuters), 

As to sustainability initiatives, we selected 4 of them: an interesting "list of actions" that could be done by scientists to accelerate progress on SDGs (Nature, a new breakthrough technology... for shoe recycling (EuroNews), and two papers in Science Daily, one highlighting how the much needed use of plastics in agriculture can be made more sustainable, and one on the use of waterfleas to remove persistent chemical pollutants from wastewater.

Last but not least, 13 of our Start-Up alumni were in the news this month: the opening of a large battery separator coating facility (Sepion Technologies – USA), two funding rounds: 70M $ (UBQ MATERIALS - Israel) and 40M€ (Mecaware - France), some partnerships announced (CITRINE INFORMATICS - USA with Sion Power, CUBERG - USA with Safran) and many exciting press articles as usual (ANTHRO Energy - USA, BEFC - France, BRIMSTONE ENERGY - USA, CYCLOPURE - USA, ETS - USA, GRAPHENEMG - Australia, POLYSTYVERT - Canada, UBIQD - USA).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

Victoire, Nadja & Mahé


Bradley, August 31st: 
Africa and the Global Race for Critical Minerals

Green Car Congress, September 5th: 
Battery demand for manganese set to increase strongly

Reuters, September 6th: 
EU lawmakers push for more recycling in search for critical minerals

Financial Times, September 20th: 
A thorough analysis of the rare earths global panorama

CNBC, September 27th: 
Copper is critical to energy transition. The world is falling way behind on producing enough, September 27th: 
Low short term prices threaten funding of mining projects very much needed for climate targets 


Fritz Haber Institut, August 25th: 
Adding iron to cobalt oxide for lower cost anodes using more abundant materials in water electrolysis for green H2

NREL, September 6th: 
New process to inspect Solar Panels 

Mining Technology, September 7th: 
Progress on financing green steel 1: Boston Materials

Reuters, September 7th: 
Progress on financing green steel 2: H2 Green Steel 

Reuters, September 8th: 
New materials and new processes needed to make batteries 50% lighter by 2030 at Stellantis

Rice University, September 14th: 
An alternative to water electrolysis for green H2 by processing plastic wastes with rapid flash Joule heating

Reuters, September 14th: 
New car making processes at Tesla for optimum use of materials

MIT, September 19th: 
Pixel-by-pixel analysis yields insights into improved LFP batteries performance

Jülich Forschungszentrum, September 20th: 
Molybdenene: same family as Graphene with new properties


Nature, September 13th: 
What scientists need to do to accelerate progress on the SDGs

EuroNews, September 13th: 
Revolutionizing shoes recycling with cutting-edge technology

ScienceDaily, September 25th: 
How can the use of plastics in agriculture become more sustainable? 

ScienceDaily, September 25th: 
Using waterfleas to remove persistent chemical pollutants from wastewater


ANTHRO Energy (N 2021), September 12th:
Anthro Energy featured in MITs Climate and Energy section

BEFC (N 2022), September 12th: 
BeFC's bio-cell has investors in a frenzy

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Grand Prix 2020), September 21st:
Brimstones Cody Finke discusses why cement has been a white space in climate tech, the challenges of changing a centuries-old industry, and how Brimstone is reimagining the way we make—and think about—cement

CITRINE INFORMATICS (Grand Prix 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2023), September 12th:
Citrine Informatics Partners with Sion Power on Multi-Year Agreement to Accelerate Battery Technology Development Using AI-Assisted R&

CUBERG (Grand Prix 2018), September 13th:
Cuberg and Safran announce collaboration agreement on battery systems for advanced electric aviation

CYCLOPURE (N 2020), September 25th:
Cyclopure mentioned in The Best Water Testing Kits To Ensure Safe Drinking At Home

ETS (Coup de Cœur 2021), September 19th: 
Electrified Thermal Solutions’ e-bricks could be key to decarbonizing heavy industry

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), September 11th: 
GMG Achieves Initial 500 mAh Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery Prototype in Pouch Cell Format & Provides Next Steps Toward Commercialisation

POLYSTYVERT (Coup de Cœur 2018), September 22nd:
Polystyvert voted among the top 10 most promising companies at the 20th annual Rice Alliance Energy TTechnology Forum

SEPION (Coup de Cœur  2017), September 26th: 
Sepion Technologies Opens One of Largest Separator Coating Facilities for Lithium-Metal Batteries in North America

UBIQD (N 2020), September 11th: 
UBIQD Injecting 'quantum dots' into solar panels

UBIQD (N 2020), September 21st: 
UBIQD among Fastest Growing Companies – Small category

UBQ MATERIALS (N 2021), September 13th: 
UBQ Materials raises $70 million in private funding round