World Materials Forum
Newsletter 61

Dear all,

This month, mining investments are further in the spotlight. Blackrock urges investors in mining to think long term ( Stellantis invests in a lithium mine in Argentina ( The first primary vanadium mine project just approved in the US will provide 50% of US demand (Mining weekly). Regarding uranium, the sector seeks to fill the supply gap ( As for Europe, the Critical Raw Materials Act is now in force (EU) and European companies are exploring ways to boost the supply of rare metals (Reuters). 

Lots of progress in the scientific realm : Solar floating projects at University of Cambridge, a screening strategy for developing thermoelectric interface materials presented in Science, rare metal that could offer revolutionary switch for quantum devices at University of Bristol, AI for new materials  at GoogleDeepMind, crystal growth of modern technological materials at University of Michigan and electronics made more sustainable in Nature Materials. 

Regarding sustainability initiatives, we selected 5 initiatives this month: a method to directly harness sun’s heat to split water and generate hydrogen at MIT, broadening markets served by polypropylene recycling at Berkeley, micro wind turbines as a solution to green energy in tight urban spaces with the French Aeroleaf technology, a global treaty to solve plastic pollution proposed by CSIRO and a long term supply deal based on recycling between Redwood and Toyota. 

Additionally, 17 of our Start-Up alumni were in the news this month: a few partnership announced or ongoing (Basquevolt - Spain with Siemens and Telefónica, Graphene Manufacturing Group – Australia, with Rio Tinto), a scale-up (Zeta Energy – USA), a lot of exciting press articles as usual (ANTHRO Energy - USA, BRIMSTONE ENERGY - USA, Carbios – France, CompPair – Switzerland, CYPRIS MATERIAL inc  - USA, Graphene Manufacturing Group – Australia,INTROPIC MATERIALS - USA, MATERIALS ZONE  - Israel, NANOMAKERS - France, SAFI Organics ltd - Kenya, TIAMAT ENERGY - France, UBIQD - USA, UBQ MATERIALS - Israel, Woodoo – France), and AEROSINT - Belgium being acquired by the German group Schaeffler. 

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

Victoire, Nadja & Mahé

Blackrock urges mining investors to think long term.

Mining weekly, October 30th : 
First US primary vanadium mine approved that will provide 50% of US demand for vanadium. 

Mining.Com, November 10th: 
Stellantis invests in Argentina lithium project 

EU, November 13th: 
Critical Raw Materials Act

Reuters, November 15th: 
European companies are exploring ways to boost rare metal supply, November 23rd: 
Uranium sector on filling the supply gap


Nature Materials, October 31st: 
Electronics can be more sustainable

YahooNews, November 13th: 
Solar floating factories developed at University of Cambridge 

University of Bristol, November 20th: 
Rare metal could offer revolutionary switch for future quantum devices

Science, November 23rd:
Screening strategy for developing thermoelectric interface materials

University of Michigan, November 23rd: 
200-year-old geology mystery resolved may promote the crystal growth of modern technological materials

Reuters, November 30th:
AI for new materials 


CleanTechnica, October 30th : 
Directly harnessing the sun’s heat to split water and generate hydrogen at MIT

PNAS, November 7th: 
Let us not forget polypropylene- even better when made recyclable  

EuroNews, November 12th: 
Micro wind turbines designed to look like trees as a solution to green energy in tight urban spaces

CSIRO, November 13th : 
A global treaty could solve plastic pollution

Reuters, November 16th: 
Redwood and Toyota on long term supply deal based on recyclin


AEROSINT (N 2017), October 27th:
Schaeffler acquires Belgium-based Aerosint 

ANTHRO Energy (N 2021), November 4th:
Anthro flexible batteries for electric cars and wearables, are both fire resistant and flexible

BASQUEVOLT (N 2023), November 9th:
Basquevolt´s solid-state battery cell prototyping plant digitalised by Telefónica and Siemens

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Grand Prix 2020), November 3rd: BRIMSTONE Promises A Solution To Carbon Emissions In Cement Production

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Grand Prix 2020), November 16th:
Brimstone's co-founder/CEO Cody Finke in the latest episode of How I Built This.

CARBIOS (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), October 27th: Carbios is granted permission to build the world’s first PET biorecycling plant in Eastern France.

COMPPAIR (N 2020), November 1st: 
CompPair healable composites featured in luxury watches

CYPRIS MATERIAL inc (N 2020), November 10th:
Cypris Materials Listed in C&EN 10 Start-Ups to Watch

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), November 14th:
GMG & Rio Tinto Battery Partnership Video Launch

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), November 17th: 
GMG Starts Process to be Quoted on the US based OTCQX Trading Platform

INTROPIC MATERIALS (N 2022), October 31st:
Intropic Materials as a finalist in GreenBiz’s Climate Tech Startup of the Year

MATERIALS ZONE (N 2019), November 2nd: 
CEO and Co-Founder of MaterialsZone on sustainable technological advancements in manufacturing 

NANOMAKERS (N 2020), November 21st:
Nanomakers listed as top High Purity SiC Powder Market Influencer

SAFI Organics ltd (N 2019), November:
SAFI Organics implements organic fertilizer production in rural villages

TIAMAT ENERGY (Coup de Coeur 2022), October 30th:
Study finds Tiamat Na-ion battery well-suited for high-power energy storage applications

UBIQD (N 2020), November 16th:
New roofing product & bigger New Mexico manufacturing site

UBQ MATERIALS (N 2021), November 22nd:
UBQ Materials’ “crisis, recovery, and resilience plan” 

WOODOO (N 2017), October 31st:
Woodoo, the "super-wood" is already replacing steel, glass and leather.

ZETA ENERGY (Special Award 2020, Coup de Coeur Scale Up 2022), November 17th: 
Zeta Energy Announces Graphite-Free and Cobalt-Free Batteries on Target to Reach 450 Wh/kg and Over One Thousand Cycles by 2025