Prof. Victoire de Margerie announces the list of nominees for the 2022 WMF Scale Up and Start Up Challenges

The World Materials Forum 8th edition will be in Nancy from June 16th to 18th 2022.

For the 6th year in a row, Start Up nominees from the entire world will present on their booths innovative and impactful solutions in order to Use Materials Smarter, Less and Longer.

And for the 2nd time, Scale Up nominees will show us during the Gala dinner how they are industrializing the breakthrough innovation for which they had been nominated at a previous WMF Start Up Challenge.

Our Jury met on March 29th and appreciated the impressive quality of applications received for both Challenges.
You will find below the composition of the jury and the list of nominated companies (5 for the Scale Up Challenge and 14 for the Start Up Challenge).

The Start-Ups Awards will be announced during the Start-Up Dinner on June 16th and the Scale-Ups Awards will be announced during the WMF Gala dinner on June 17th in Nancy.

The jury

  • Jeet Adani, Chief Financial Officer Adani (India)
  • Tadeu Carneiro, Chairman & CEO BostonMetal (USA)
  • Edith Coune, Secretary General InnovationFund (Belgium)
  • Bronwyn Fox, Chief Scientist CSIRO (Australia)
  • Peter Koerte, Chief Technical Officer Siemens (Germany)
  • Stéphane Mangin, Cambridge University (UK) – Vice Chair
  • Victoire de Margerie, Founder & Vice Chair WMF (France) – Chair
  • Hartwig Michels, President Petrochemicals BASF (Germany)
  • Bernard Pinatel, President Refining & Chemicals Total (France)
  • Alberto Salleo, Stanford University (USA)
  • Nick Stanage, CEO Hexcel (USA)
  • Karim Zaghib, Mc Gill University (Canada)

The list of nominated companies - Scale Up Challenge

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Oakland, California) - Start Up Grand Prix 2020
Cody Finke & Hugo Leandri
Process to make ordinary Portland cement without emitting CO2 and while co generating low cost emission free hydrogen.

MALLINDA (Denver, Colorado) - Start Up Nominee 2018
Philip Taynton
Indefinitely recyclable Vitrimer based composite

NAWA (Le Rousset, France) - Start Up Nominee 2019
Ulrik Grape & Pascal Boulanger
Carbon nanotube based fast charging batteries

NELUMBO (Hayward, California)
Liam Berryman & Lance Brockway
Surface treatment nanotechnology for improved heat exchangers

ZETA ENERGY (Angleton, Texas)
Charles Maslin & Michael Liedtke
Cobalt free highly stable sulfur cathode with graphene lithium metal anode resulting in safe & low-cost lithium sulfur batteries.

The list of nominated companies - Start Up Challenge

BEFC (Grenoble, France)
Jules Hammond
Bioenzymatic fuel cells

BIOINSPIR (Paris, France)
Sophie Moal
Vegetal filters absorbing heavy metals

CARBON WATERS (Pessac, France)
Alban Chesneau
Graphene-based high performance additives for environment friendly protective coatings…

CYKLOS (Berkeley, USA)
Brett Helms
Indefinitely recycle polymer (PDK) to replace current range of polyurethane

EIFHYTEC (Strasbourg, France)
David Colomar
Low-carbon hyrodgen ccompressor to install 3x cheaper hydrogen service stations

FAIRMAT (Paris,France)
Benjamin Saada
Sustainable way to recycle carbon fiber composite

Aaron Hall
Enzyme stabilizing technology to design biodegradable PLA

Chris Nicolas
Production of bio based acrylic products from lactic acid based feedstocks at cost parity to today’s petrochemical process

MAGREESOURCE (Grenoble, France)
Erick Petit
Recycles rare earths containing magnets

Chris Graves
Ultra low cost battery

PEROVSKIA (Aubonne, Switzerland)
Anand Verma, Toby Meyer
Most versatile Solar technologies for smart electronic devices

SAKOWIN (Frejus, France)
Gérard Gatte
Production of CO2-free low-cost green hydrogen

SYLVATEX (San Francisco, USA)
Virginia Klausmeier
Lithium ion battery manufacturing using green-chemistry-based technologies to simplify the cathode synthesis

TIAMAT (Amiens, France)
Hervé Beuffe
Fast-Charge Sodium-Ion Power Cells