World Materials Forum
Newsletter 57

Dear all,

"The" event since our last Newsletter was clearly the 9th edition of WMF that took place in Nancy between July 5th and 7th.

Some major takeaways need to be highlighted : copper is now a critical material, steel decarbonation has really started, alternative chemistries to Li-ion batteries are scaling up, building and construction with 37% of global emissions is one of the biggest challenges, EE waste appalling recycling rate requires stronger regulation, the « ultra low mining footprint » technologies exist and they need to be implemented quickly for public acceptance - see all speakers presentations here.

Also we let you discover below our selection of publications in the usual 3 categories: critical resources, materials science and sustainability initiatives.

Finally 18 of our Start Up alumni were in the news this month: 

- Partnership announced or ongoing (CITRINE INFORMATICS - USA with TU Dresden, PRIMO 1D - France with Decathlon, POLYSPECTRA - USA with Nexa 3D) 
- Successful funding round (CARBIOS - France) 
- Full scale production unit (POLYSTYVERT - Canada)
- Lots of top level press articles (BASQUEVOLT - Spain, BRIMSTONE ENERGY - USA, CITRINE INFORMATICS - USA, ENZINC - USA,  GRAPHENEMG - Australia, Limelight Steel - USA, LIXO - France,  MagREEsource - France, Mecaware - France, MITRACHEM - USA, NITRICITY  - USA, POLYSPECTRA - USA, SEPION - USA, SYLVATEX - USA,  ZETA ENERGY - USA).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team,
Victoire de Margerie, Nadja Leclere & Valentin Desbuis

Using proteins to sort rare earths and pave way for greener tech 

Gizmodo, June 21st: 
MP Materials is making the US rare earth supply chain much greener

Breaking Defense, July 6th: 
China restricts exports of gallium and germanium

Nature, July 10th: 
Collaboration needed to build a global circular economy for rare-earth elements

EuroNews, July 11th: 
Huge phosphorus discovery in Norway could supply LFP batteries and solar panels for the next 50 years

Bloomberg, July 14th: 
Canada to speed-up critical minerals permits, July 19th: 
Are export bans on critical minerals a good strategy to ensure economic development of African mineral rich countries?, July 23rd: 
US recycling of EV batteries gets strong support from IRA


ICFO, June 8th: 
First steps towards realizing mechanical qubits achieved thanks to international scientific collaboration

Tohoku University, June 9th: 
Cobalt manganese alloys highlighted at Tohoku for their huge magnetoresistance

MIT, June 15th: 
Hydrogels developed by MIT could harvest water from desert air

RMIT, June 21st: 
Graphene successful at RMIT to protect mild steel from corrosion

University of Washington, July 10th: 
New spirulana based plastics that are easily compostable at University of Washington

ONRL, July 18th: 
Dry manufacturing process for more efficient EV batteries at ONRL

University of Illinois Urbana-Champagn, July 26th: 
Redox inspired electrodialysis with lower cost nano filtration membranes for greener water purification at Urbana Champaign


EPFL, June 1st: 
Swiss energy system could be independent and carbon-neutral by 2050 thanks to focus on photovoltaics

Hydro, June 15th: 
First batch of hydrogenpowered recycled aluminium 

MIT, June 23rd: 
The MIT view on technologies needed for a net-zero future

EPFL, June 28th: 
EPFL spin-off closes the loop on PET recycling

EuroNews green, June 30th: 
New EU law to force smartphone makers to build easily replaceable batteries


BASQUEVOLT (N 2023), July 18 th: 
Basquevolt inaugurates its new Innovation Centre CIB

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Grand Prix 2020), July 13th: 
Brimstone receives 3rd party certification that its carbon-negative cement is structurally and chemically the same as regular cement

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Grand Prix 2020), June 27th: 
No CO2 cement thanks to using calcium silicate instead of calcium carbonate

CARBIOS (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), July 11th:
Carbios Announces the Success of Its Capital Increase With Preferential Subscription Rights of Approximately 141 Million Euros

CITRINE INFORMATICS (GRAND PRIX 2017 - Scale Up 2023), July 17th: 
Greg Mulholland from Citrine Informatics on Accelerating Materials Development

Citrine and TU Dresden Informatics collaborate on fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) components research

ENZINC (N 2023), June 5th: 
Diversifying energy storage is vital for the global industry’s health

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), June 1st: 
GMG Announces Independently Verified Heat Transfer & Energy Savings Results from THERMAL-XR(R)

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), June 27th: 
Graphene Manufacturing Group Appoints Former CTO of CATL to its Board of Directors

LIMELIGHT STEEL(N 2023), June 5th: 
Limelight Steel among Tech cluster emerging at huge revamped industrial complex in Oakland

LIXO (N 2021), June 12th: 
How Lixo convinced Major industrial groups

MagREEsource (N 2022), June 14th: 
MAGREESOURCE CEO talks about magnet recycling process in France on BFMTV

MECAWARE (N 2023), July 6th: 
Battery recycling innovations showcased in Nancy

MITRACHEM (Grand Prix 2023), July 12th: 
Mitra Chem Wins 2023 WMF Start-Up Challenge

NITRICITY (Grand Prix 2021), July 14th: 
Using the power of lightning with a process that requires only solar power, water and air to produce one-step fertilizer

POLYSPECTRA (N 2018), June 20th:
PolySpectra founder and CEO shares his quest for the Holy Grail of additive materials

POLYSPECTRA (N 2018), June 2nd: 
Nexa3D partners with polySpectra on COR materials 

POLYSTYVERT (Prix Coup de Coeur 2018), June 14th:
POLYSTYVERT announces 1st commercial polystyrene recycling 

PRIMO 1D (N 2017), June 8th: 
Primo1D Teams Up with Decathlon To Bring Garment Tracing to the Recycling Sector With E- Thread™ Technology

SEPION (COUP DE COEUR 2017), June 6th:
Sepion in New Battery Technology Podcast

SYLVATEX (Coup de Coeur 2022), June 7th:
CEO/Founder of Sylvatex: The Recipe to Build a Better Class of Sustainable Materials and Drive the Green Revolution

ZETA ENERGY (SPECIAL AWARD CRITICAL MATERIALS 2020, Coup de Coeur Scale Up 2022), June 16th: 
Zeta Energy Develops a Double-Sided CNT coating Process for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries