World Materials Forum
Newsletter 56

Dear all,

Further progress worldwide on securing critical materials supply: the EU Critical raw materials act (EU) as well as an agreement between Australia and USA on climate, critical minerals and clean energy (Reuters) along with an insightful report on critical materials (Lazard), a paper on necessary financing and faster permits for new EU mining projects (, a DRC initiative to lower China stake in a Congo copper, cobalt venture (Mining Weekly) and 2 projects to recycle and recover rare earth in the US (Science News) and in the UK (Power Technology).

Great news from the scientific front as well: graphene anodes for faster charging of lithium-ion batteries at Western Michigan University, calcium batteries with long life cycle at Tohoku University, a more stable qubit candidate for quantum computer at QuTech, manganese palladium as a compound for energy-efficient data storage at Stanford University, nanoparticles coated sponges to remove and recover heavy metal from contaminated water at Nothwestern University and machine learning used to predicting buildings’ material properties in Science Direct.

Also we selected 4 sustainability initiatives: European countries planing to make the North Sea a renewable energy powerhouse, Cities across Europe giving biowaste a second life, Using solar energy to extract moisture from the air and turning it into clean and safe drinking water as well and a US government $251 million fund to expand CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure and reduce CO2 emissions from power generation and industrial operations.

Finally 16 of our Start Up alumni were in the news this month: some partnerships announced or ongoing (CARBIOS - France with Citeo, GRAPHENEMG - Australia with Rio Tinto, QUANTUM VENTURA - USA with BrainChip, TWELVE - USA with Etihad Airways, UBQ MATERIALS - Israel with Orangebox), a few interviews (CUBERG - USA, FLUENCE ANALYTICS - USA, MATERIALS ZONE - Israel), an award (UBIQD - USA), and to finish a lot of interesting press articles as usual (BEFC - France, CompPair – Switzerland, CUBERG - USA, EH Group – Switzerland, EIFHYTEC - France, GRAPHENEMG - Australia, POLYSPECTRA - USA, Sepion Technologies – USA, TWELVE - USA, Zeta Energy – USA).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team,
Victoire de Margerie, Nadja Leclere & Valentin Desbuis


EU, May 2023:
The EU Critical Materials Act

Lazard, May 2023:
Special report on Critical Materials: Geopolitics, Interdependence, and Strategic Competition

Science News, May 4th:
Recycling rare-earth elements is now developing in the US, May 16th:
EU raw materials target need money and faster permits

Power Technology, May 18th:
First UK rare earth magnet recycling facility

Reuters, May 22nd:
Australia - USA on climate, critical minerals and clean energy

Mining Weekly, May 24th:
Congo to hike stake in copper, cobalt venture with China


Science Direct, March 5th:
How ML models are used to predict buildings’ material properties

Stanford University, May 5th:
Manganese Palladium compound opens the door for more energy-efficient data storage

Northwestern University, May 10th:
Nanoparticles coated sponges to remove and recover heavy metals from contaminated water

IEEE Spectrum, May 10th:
Graphene anodes for faster charging of lithium-ion batteries at Western Michigan University

QuTech, May 22nd:
More stable qubit is a prime candidate for quantum computer

Tohoku University, May 23rd:
Researchers develop abundant calcium rechargeable battery with long life cycle


The Guardian, April 24th:
European Countries Plan To Make The North Sea A Renewable Energy Powerhouse

European commission, May 8th:
Cities across Europe giving biowaste a second life

Northumbria University, May 17th:
Using solar energy to extract moisture from the air and turn it into clean and safe drinking water, May 17th:
Biden-Harris Administration Invests $251 Million to Expand CO2 Transportation and Storage Infrastructure and Reduce CO2 Emissions from power generation and industrial operations


BEFC (N 2020), May 11th:
BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells – Providing Sustainable Energy Generation with Eco-Friendly Paper-Based Bio-Enzymatic Fuel Cells

CARBIOS (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), April 26th:
Carbios working with Citeo to launch France's first closed-loop recycling system for PET pots and trays

COMPPAIR (N 2020), May 23rd:
Compair in report on Composite Repair Solutions Market

CUBERG (GRAND PRIX 2018), April 25th:
Cuberg developing lithium metal batteries for electric airplanes

CUBERG (GRAND PRIX 2018), May 15th:
CEO of Cuberg iterviewed on Batteries for Electric Aviation

EH Group in Fuel Cell Solutions Market Analysis

EIFHYTEC (N 2022), May 12th:
David Colomar, CEO of EIFHYTEC on BFM Business

FLUENCE ANALYTICS (N 2019), May 19th:
Fluence Analytics team featured on a Data Crunch podcast

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), May 17th:
GMG Announces Battery Joint Development Agreement with Rio Tinto

GRAPHENEMG (N 2020), May 24th:
GMG Signs THERMAL-XR(R) Distributor Agreements in 4 Asian Countries

MATERIALS ZONE (N 2019), May 5th:
Material Science with Materials Zone CTO

NAWA Technologies (N2019), May 16th:
NAWA Technologies to focus on "its core technology"

POLYSPECTRA (N 2018), May 16th:
PolySpectra launches COR Bio biocompatible 3D printing resin

QUANTUM VENTURA (N 2021), May 16th:
BrainChip and Quantum Ventura Partner to Develop Cyber Threat Detection

SEPION (COUP DE COEUR 2017), May 2nd:
Sepion Technologies Appoints Dr. Brian C. Sisk as CTO

TWELVE (N 2019), May 10th:
Twelve in Tech Innovators Helping to Save the Planet

TWELVE (N 2019), May 14th:
Twelve partners with Etihad Airways to advance sustainable aviation fuel

UBIQD (N 2020), May 16th:
UbiQD Recognized as Best Overall Venture at the 2023 NREL Industry Growth Forum

UBQ MATERIALS (N 2021), May 23rd:
Orangebox's Best-Selling "Do" Office Chair Reformulated to "Do-Better" with UBQ Materials

ZETA ENERGY (N 2020, Coup de Coeur Scale Up 2022),
May 16th:
Zeta Energy's Michael Liedtke interviewed about Zeta's lithium-sulfur battery