2020 WMF Start Up Challenge: Prof. Victoire de Margerie announces the Awards

Following the nomination of 18 Start Up on March 13th, the Jury convened again on August 21st and the Grand Prix as well the other 2 Awards were announced during the Gala Dinner on August 26th.

Prof. Victoire de Margerie, Jury Chairman states : "The 3 Awards went legitimately to 3 Start Ups that have a potential high impact on the WMF objective of decoupling economic growth and the use of our natural resources: Brimstone Energy - cement production with lower CO2 emissions and hydrogen as a by product, Zeta Energy - high mobility performance battery using low cost and widely available sulfur, and EH Group - cheaper, lighter and more compact fuel cells"



Philippe Sauquet, Président Gas, Renewables & Power of WMF Partner Total and Prof. Victoire de Margerie, Jury Chairman gave the « GRAND PRIX » (50,000 € in cash as well as a custom market survey to be realized by Special Chem) to Cody Finke, CEO of BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Berkeley, California), represented in Nancy by Co Founder & CTO Hugo Leandri.



Christophe Cabarry, CEO of WMF Partner Special Chem and Pierre Toulhoat, COO of WMF Partner BRGM gave the « SPECIAL AWARD CRITICAL MATERIALS »(20,000 € in cash as well as a custom market survey to be realized by Special Chem) to Charles Maslin, CEO of ZETA ENERGY (Angleton, Texas) represented in Nancy by CTO Michael Liedtke.



Prof. Stéphane Mangin, Jury Vice Chairman and Edith Coune, member of the Jury gave the « COUP DE CŒUR AWARD » (20,000 € in cash as well as a custom market survey to be realized by Special Chem) in virtual mode to Mardit Matian, CEO of EH GROUP (Vaud, Switzerland).

The jury

  • Jos Burger, CEO Ultimaker (NL)
  • Christophe Cabarry, CEO Special Chem (France)
  • Tadeu Carneiro, CEO Boston Metal (USA)
  • Edith Coune, COO Innovation Fund (Belgium)
  • Prof. Reinhold Dauskardt, Stanford University (USA)
  • Prof. Bronwyn Fox, Swinburne University (Australia)
  • Prof. Alexander King, Critical Materials Institute (USA)
  • Prof. Stéphane Mangin, Institut Jean Lamour (France)
  • Prof. Victoire de Margerie, Vice Chairman World Materials Forum (France) - Chairman
  • Tony O’Neill, Group Technical Director Anglo American (UK/Australia)
  • Bernard Pinatel, President Refining and Chemicals Total (France)
    An Steegen, CTO Umicore (Belgium)

The 3 winners

BRIMSTONE ENERGY (Berkeley, California)
Cody Finke
Process to make ordinary Portland cement without emitting CO2 and while co generating low cost emission free hydrogen.

EH GROUP (Vaud, Switzerland)
Mardit Matian
Design, development and production of cheaper, lighter & more compact hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

ZETA ENERGY (Angleton, Texas)
Charles Maslin
Cobalt free highly stable sulfur cathode with graphene lithium metal anode resulting in safe & low-cost lithium sulfur batteries.

August 31 2020