World Materials Forum 2019 Start Up Challenge rules

Article 1 - Eligibility criteria

Is eligible to participate any company that fulfills the three following criteria:

  • number of permanent staff below 50
  • confirmed economic viability
  • demonstrated breakthrough - whether technical or organizational - in one of the following topics:

    - new material composition
    - new product design
    - Internet Of Things & Artificial Intelligence
    - 3D manufacturing
    - mobility services
    - Waste management

Each applicant will be entitled to apply for one single project.


Article 2 – Requested documents for application

Participants will provide a presentation of their company in the form of a PDF document of max 5 pages including a description of their breakthrough innovation, a simplified 3 years business plan and the basic informations relative to their company structure (capital and shareholding).


Article 3 – Submission rules

Applicants will send their files to Victoire de Margerie - - and Stéphane Mangin -


Article 4 - Composition of jury 

  • Christophe Cabarry, CEO Special Chem (France)
  • Edith Coune, COO Innovation Fund (Belgium)
  • Prof. Reinhold Dauskardt, Stanford University (USA)
  • Joe De Simone, CEO & Co Founder Carbon 3D (USA)
  • Gervais Jacques, COO Rio Tinto Aluminium (Canada)
  • Prof. Stéphane Mangin, Institut Jean Lamour (France)
  • Prof. Victoire de Margerie, Vice Chairman World Materials Forum (France) - Chairman
  • Tony O’Neill, Group Technical Director Anglo American (UK/Australia)
  • Bernard Pinatel, President Refining and Chemicals Total (France)
  • Matt Price, MD Cyclotron Road Berkeley (USA)
  • Bin Truong Gia, Chairman & CEO FPT Software (Vietnam)
  • Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO CGG (France)


Article 5 - Nominees

12 nominees will be designated by the jury beginning of April and each nominated company will receive a package including a free booth at Hôtel de Ville de Nancy during the three days of World Materials Forum 2019 and free transportation, accommodation and WMF registration for the company CEO. The package also include the shooting of a professional one minute pitch video presenting the nominee's company and its breakthrough innovation - This video will appear of the official WMF web side for a full year 


Article 6 - Awards

Among the 12 nominees, a winner will be designated by the jury during WMF in June and the 50.000 euros Grand Prix award will be handed out to the winning company CEO by the Jury Chairman, Victoire de Margerie.

A second company will be designated by the jury and the Coup de Coeur award of 20.000 euros will be handed out to this other company by Stéphane Mangin

The jury might decide to designate other companies for special mentions and additional awards in kind or in cash might be awarded by other jury members.


Article 7 - Nominees commitments

Nominated companies commit to have their CEO attending World Materials Forum in Nancy on June 12th to 14th thanks to the package granted and described in article 5.


Article 8 - Competition schedule 

  • Opening: 1 December 2018
  • Deadline to apply: 28 February 2019
  • Selection of 12 nominees: Jury meeting to be held in Paris during the 2nd half of March
  • Announcement of nominees: to be made during the 1st week of April 2019
  • Presentation of 12 nominees and announcement of Awards: 13 June 2019 during WMF Gala Dinner


Article 9 - Information and communication

Participants and nominees allow World Materials Forum and their partners to use their names, e-mail addresses, full company contact details and a non confidential presentation of their company as included in the company application, and this for the purpose of information and communication actions related to the competition, included all website publications, without any possibility to claim any right whatsoever.


Article 10 - Confidentiality

Jury members as well as WMF or partners experts and staff who will have access to files submitted within the course of the competition will commit in written to keep confidential all such informations related to projects submitted.


Article 11 - Acceptance of rules

Every participant acknowledges the reading and acceptance of all competition rules by way of participating.


Article 12 - Applicable Law

French Law will apply to all matters arising from this competition - and this includes "Loi informatique et liberté" dated 06/01/78 modified by "Loi relative à la protection des personnes physiques à l'égard des traitements de données à caractère personnel" dated 06/08/2004."