Newsletter #6

Dear all,

We hope that you enjoyed a lovely summer and that you have already well noted the dates of

WMF 2019 from June 12th to June 14th

August has been a busy month for materials and we had some difficulties to select the usual few “top news” that are as various as discovering the breakthrough properties of platinum gold alloys, investigating the potential of pumped hydro to cover for energy peaks in demand, checking the development of scandium capacities for aeronautic applications, understanding the capabilities of lunar metals and materials, exploring the fundamentals of materials plasticity, finding quicker methods to establish the properties of a given material, using AI for faster & less energy intensive image processors, replacing oil with limestone to create water soluble plastic bags or developing paper based batteries to power single use health devices. 

As always, we wish you a great reading and we will welcome any feedback.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


Bloomberg, August 12th
Pumped hydro with long lifespan to ensure sufficient energy supply during peak demand?

The Engineer, August 17th
Better electronics thanks to a platinum/gold alloy more durable than high strength steel and with no need for coatings

Westpac Banking, August 21st
Industrialization of new lightweighting alloys for high volume aeronautics components thanks to new scandium capacities in Australia? 


Dennis Wingo, August 20th
Lunar samples showing metallic particles directly in the size range for being 3D printed

Science Daily, August 21st
New ways to explore fundamentals of materials plasticity at University of Erlangen - Nuremberg

Science Daily, August 22nd
New method at Harvard University to quickly understand the properties of a given material


Stanford News, August 17th
Faster & Less energy intensive image processors


Santiago Times, July 27th
Chilean Company replaces oil with limestone and creates water soluble plastic bag

TechXplore, August 19th
Paper based bio battery to power single use health devices