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Newsletter 49

Dear all,

Reducing their dependence on China’s critical minerals pushes the USA and Europe to find new sources both at home (US manganese mining -, Canada rare earth processing - Argus media - and new Imerys lithium mine in France - Reuters) and while developing so called "friend shoring" (German and Mongolia - Mining Weekly or EU and Namibia - Times LIVE). A breakthrough new magnetic alloy that could become a substitute for rare earths elements (Cambridge University) and feedback from the 121 Conference in Sidney to make the energy transition happen ( are also highlighted this month.

Great news from the scientific front as well: new process for magnet wastes recycling (Idaho National Laboratory), less expensive catalyst by platinum alloying (Chinese Academy of Science on EurekAlert!), innovative lithium-sulfur battery technology at Monash University (Wiley Online), two quantum computer breakthroughs, one in Australia (UNSW Sydney) and one at QuTech in the Netherlands (Physics World), on-site reactor for CO2 conversion (University of Waterloo) and finally, lowered charging time solution at Penn State University (IEEE Spectrum).

Regarding sustainability initiatives, we have selected a project to replace a coal power plant in Chile with salt-based energy storage, a PNNL analysis of potential synergy of geothermal energy & lithium extraction, a Norwegian survey on the importance of solar energy in reducing Europe's dependency on Russia, an article by the New York Times on how to recycle a 14 stores office tower, a review of progress made on recycling mixed plastics at NREL and a proposal to combine open science and better data to avoid a water crisis in Bangladesh.

Also 17 of our Start Up alumni were in the news this month with some significant funding rounds (Anthro Energy - USA, Nitricity - USA), key partnerships announced or ongoing (Aerosint - Belgium with Exponential Technologies, Bcomp - Switzerland with Polestar, Cyclopure - USA with the city of Newburyport, Nitricity - USA with the IFDC, Sylvatex - USA with Forge Nano, UbiQD - USA with SICPA), some awards (FREDsense Technologies - USA, Intropic Materials -USA), and many interesting press articles as usual (BeFC - France, Brimstone Energy - USA, Carbios - France, Electrified Thermal Solutions - USA, Graphene MG - Australia, Nawa Technologies - France, Sakowin - France, UBQ Materials - Israel).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team.
Victoire de Margerie, Sélène Ciancioni & Valentin Desbuis

EV demand sparks revival of US Manganese mining after decades 

Argus Media, October 7th: 
Canada's rare earth processing hub prepares to ramp up, October 12th: 
Feedback from the 121 Conference in Sidney about making the energy transition happen 

Mining Weekly, October 17th: 
Germany looks to Mongolia in push for critical raw materials

Times LIVE, October 21st: 
Namibia - EU progressing on rare earth supply deal 

Reuters, October 24th: 
Imerys unveils major Europe lithium mine project in France

Cambridge University, October 25th: 
New iron nickel alloy to substitute rare earths for permanent magnets applications 


Idaho National Laboratory, September 29th: 
Commercial refrigerant shows promise for metal recycling in magnet wastes

UNSW Sydney, September 30th:
Quantum computing engineers from UNSW Sydney set new standard in silicon chip performance

Wiley Online, October 6th:
Progress at Monash University on Lithium Sulfur Batteries as Energy Storage Technology

University of Waterloo, October 6th: 
On-site reactors could affordably turn CO2 into valuable chemicals

EurekAlert!, October 11th: 
A catalyst alloying platinum with REE could slash fuel cell costs 

IEEE Spectrum, October 19th: 
Lower charging times thanks to adding a thin sheet of nickel inside EV batteries at Penn State University

Physics World, October 19th: 
Record performance for a quantum processor at QuTech in the Netherlands


New York Times, October 6th: 
How to recycle a 14-story building 

Nature, October 13th: 
Progress on recycling mixed plastics at NREL

Renewables Now, October 18th: 
Plans to replace coal power plant in Chile with 560W molten salt-based energy storage

TechXplore, October 21st: 
Lithium extraction and geothermal energy have the potential to be a great dynamic duo according to PNNL researchers

EV Wind, October 25th: 
Solar power as the fastest way to reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas according to Norvegian Statskraft

Nature, October 26th: 
Open science and better data to avoid water crisis in Bangladesh 


Aerosint (N 2017), October 4th:
Aerosint and Exponential Technologies have developed with machine learning very efficient parameter sets for multi-material laser powder bed fusion 

Anthro Energy (N 2021), October 19th: 
Anthro Raises $7.2M in Seed Funding to Shape the Future of Energy Storage

Bcomp (N 2018), October 12th: 
Polestar 3, the first production road car featuring Bcomp materials is now available for order

Bcomp (N 2018), October 28th: 
Bcomp mentioned in this article   

BeFC (N 2022), October 20th: 
Interview with Dr Jules Hammond, Co-Founder & CEO of BeFC by EasyEngineering

BeFC (N 2022), October 3rd: 
BeFC in VivaTech's list of 5 game-changing green energy startups

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020), October 22nd: 
The U.S. State Department announced it will feature Brimstone at COP27 along with a selected group of innovative U.S. companies tackling hard-to-abate industrial sectors. 

Carbios (Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), October 20th: 
Carbios’ Biotechnologies Recognized by Consumers as the Most Promising Solutions Helping to Solve the Plastic Pollution Issue

Cyclopure (N 2020), October 14th: 
Cyclopure partners with the city of Newburyport, MA for a water treatment pilot to reduce micropollutants

Electrified Thermal Solutions (Prix Coup de Coeur 2021), October 3rd: 
ETS listed as one of the 8 ideas for environmental impact from the MIT Startup Exchange

FREDsense Technologies (N 2019), October 25th: 
FREDsense wins Foresight Canada and United Utilities water quality innovation challenge

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), October 11th:
Graphene Manufacturing Group announces battery, cell and graphene production improvements

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), October 27th: Graphene MG mentioned in this article on how graphene could help meet Net Zero goals

Intropic Materials (N 2022), October 19th: 
Intropic highlighted as runner-up of this year's TechCrunch Startup Battlefield

NAWA Technologies (N 2019), October 20th: 
NAWA Technologies invited to a discussion panel on MobilityTV about batteries in 2035

Nitricity (Grand Prix 2021), October 18th: 
Renewable nitrogen fertilizer pioneer Nitricity raises $20 million in Series A funding

Nitricity (Grand Prix 2021), October 24th: 
Nitricity and International Fertilizer Development Center partner to Reduce GHG Emissions from Fertilizer Production and Application

Sakowin (N 2022), October 3rd: 
Sakowin mentioned in this La Tribune article about local production of hydrogen (FR)

Sylvatex (Prix Coup de Coeur 2022), October 6th: 
Future-proofing Li-ion Battery Production With Waterless Cathode Manufacturing Process developed by Sylvatex

Sylvatex (Prix Coup de Coeur 2022), October 14th: 
Forge Nano and Sylvatex collaborate on next-generation cathode active materials

UbiQD (N 2020), October 12th: 
UbiQD, SICPA Develop QD-Based Anti-Counterfeit Security Inks

UBQ Materials (N 2021), October 23rd: 
How does UBQ Materials transform food waste into a bio-based thermoplastic? Answer in a video by the Israel Innovation Authority