World Materials Forum
Newsletter 48

Dear all,

Securing the supply of raw materials is now a clear priority for the USA and Europe: we include an analysis of the US Inflation Reduction Act (Mayer Brown) as well as the official announcement of the European Critical Raw Materials Act. Innovation is also progressing be in the processing of mining waste (Recharge) or by recycling of battery production scrap (Benchmark Minerals). And also 2 new challenges lie ahead: boron as a new critical mineral (Mining.Com) and water scarcity facing data centers (KQED).

Plenty of news as well on the scientific front: a new low-cost battery with no critical material at the MIT, spintronics-based hydrogen production at University of Münster, green steel progress in China in Nature Materials, “Quantum bus” built at Jülich Forschungszentrum, propylene based on recycled PE at Berkeley published in Science, C02 into ethylene thanks to water electrolysis at University of Illinois and a review of Quantum materials innovation in Nature Materials. Last but not least, an opinion column in Nature with three world known scientists presenting cutting-edge energy solutions.

Regarding sustainability initiatives, we have chosen to highlight: BASF and ARCUS partnering for the first pyrolysis plant from mixed plastic waste in Germany, Berkeley Lab's newest innovation in e-waste recycling, ONRL co-developing more reliable microgrids in Puerto Rico, MHI new carbon capture unit at Hiroshima biomass power plant and finally, the French Green Hydrogen Plan to foster and fund H2 gigafactories.

Also 23 of our Start Up alumni were in the news this month : some partnerships announced or ongoing (Bcomp - Switzerland with Lufthansa, Citrine Informatics - USA with Eastman, UbiQD - USA with SCIPA, Twelve - USA with Virgin Voyages, Alaska Airlines and Microsoft), a successful funding round (Sylvatex - USA), a few awards (Brimstone Energy - USA, Carbios - France), a lot of interesting press articles as usual (Aerosint - Belgium, Applied Nanolayers - Netherlands, BeFC - France, Blackleaf - France, CompPair - Switzerland, Demeta - France, Intropic Materials - USA, Kebotix - USA, Nitricity - USA, Primo1D - France, Safi Organics - Kenya, Sakowin - France, Sylvatex - USA, UBQ Materials - Israel) and to finish some significant scale-ups (Graphene MG - Australia, Inopsys - Netherlands, Keey Aerogel - France).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team.
Victoire de Margerie, Sélène Ciancioni & Valentin Desbuis


KQED, August 30th:
Data centers, backbone of the digital economy, face water scarcity and climate risk

Benchmark Minerals, September 5th:
Battery production scrap to be main source of recyclable material this decade

EU, September 14th:
EU announces Critical Materials Act, September 15th:
Boron as a new critical mineral

Recharge, September 20th:
US funds "first-of-a-kind" pilot ot mine clean energy minerals from legacy waste

Mayer Brown, September 29th:
Strengthening the US Supply Chain of Critical Minerals - Inflation Reduction Act


Nature Materials, August 24th:
Materials innovation from Quantum to Global

MIT, August 24th:
A new low-cost battery with no critical materials

Nature, September 7th:
Hydrogen, renewable energy storage and carbon capture: 3 scientists at the cutting edge of new energy solutions

University of Illinois Chicago, September 9th:
6t of CO2 into 1t of ethylene with water electrolysis

University of Münster, September 21st:
Spintronics to improve efficiency of green hydrogen production?

Jülich Forschungszentrum, September 22nd:
"Quantum bus" opens door for scalable quantum computers

Nature Materials, September 23rd:
Striving for green steel in China

Science, September 29th:
Making propylen from PE wastes at Berkeley


BASF News, September 5th:
Pyrolisis oil from mixed plastic wastes

ABC 7 News, September 6th:
Easy recycling/washing of e wastes at Berkeley Lab

ONRL, September 12th:
Bringing more reliable electricity to Puerto Rican microgrids

Hivelife, September 19th:
1st MHI compact carbon capture unit at its Hiroshima biomass power plant

Recharge, Septembre 30th:
France announces a Green hydrogen plan


Aerosint (N 2017), September 25th:
Aerosint's new video featured in this 3DNative article

Applied Nanolayers (N 2020), September 17th:
Applied Nanolayers featured in this TechRadar article about graphene layering for the next generation of advanced processors

Bcomp (N 2018), September 5th:
Focus on AEROFlax, the material developped by Lufthansa Technik and Bcomp

Bcomp (N 2018), August 9th:
Bcomp’s Natural Flax Fiber Forms highlighted by Forbes

BeFC (N 2022), September 22nd:
Learn about BeFC and its technology in Science et Vie (FR)

Blackleaf (N 2021), September 18th:
Blackleaf is popularizing graphene in l'Usine Nouvelle (FR)

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020), September 15th:
Brimstone Energy featured among new technologies for reduced-carbon concrete

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020) September 7th:
Brimstone Energy wins Rising Star Prize of Norrsken 2022 Impact 100 challenge

Carbios (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), September 2nd:
Carbios Leverages Enzymes to Drive Circular PET Model

Carbios (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), August 31st: Carbios' Chief Scientific Officer Alain Marty Receives Biocat Award

Carbios (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), September 6th: Carbios is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about more sustainable fashion

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017), August 31st:
US puts millions towards nuclear recycling projects, Citrine Informatics is one of them

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017) September 9th:
Citrine Informatics and Eastman Announce Multi-year Partnership to Accelerate Product Development

CompPair (N 2020), September 29th:
CompPair, new member of the Swiss National Startup Team in the Venture Leaders Cleantech 2022 program – highlight

CompPair (N 2020), September 7th:
CompPair composites can heal themselves in a matter of minutes

Demeta (N 2019), August 22nd:
Demeta showcases its resins at CAMX 2022

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), September 28th:
Graphene Manufacturing Group battery that could be powering Queensland in the future

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), September 28th: Graphene Manufacturing Group closes THERMAL-XR acquisition

Inopsys (N 2021), September 27th:
Inopsys successfully develops innovative solution to purify water from PFAS

Intropic Materials (N 2022), September 12th:
Plastic-Eating Enzymes Chomp into the Future, a glance at Intropic Materials

Kebotix (N 2019), September 1st:
Kebotix's AI-assisted discovery of OLED emitters highlighted in the SPIE journal

Keey Aerogel (Participants Award 2017), September 18th:
Keey Aerogel, among researchers probing hemp cellulose for use in high-tech gels

Nitricity (Grand Prix 2021), September 3rd:
Nitricity featured in the moonshot climate Start Ups

Primo1D (N 2017), September 5th:
Primo1D and radio frequency identification under the spotlight in Les Echos (FR)

Primo1D (N 2017), September 20th:
Interview with Primo1D and their E-Thread™ tags

Safi Organics (N 2019), August 25th:
Safi Organics in a video featuring healthy soils through organic fertilizers for the Water and Energy for Food Grand Challenge

Sakowin (N 2022), September 13th:
A list of six deeptechs which are prefaring hydrogen's future, in l'Usine Nouvelle (FR)

Sakowin (N 2022), September 8th:
Sakowin bets on plasma to develop green hydrogen, in La Tribune (FR)

Sylvatex (Coup de Coeur 2022), September 7th:
Positively Impacting the Climate Crisis with Virginia Klausmeier in How Women Lead

Sylvatex (Coup de Coeur 2022), September 20th:
Sylvatex closes Series A and announces a new production method that delivers premium EV-grade cathode at much lower cost

Twelve (N 2019), September 14th:
Better Get to Livin’ CO2-free, thanks to startup Twelve

Twelve (N 2019), September 21st:
Virgin Voyages announces sustainable marine fuel partnership with Twelve and 2 other startups

Twelve (N 2019), September 21st:
Interview of Twelve Head of Talent on talent acquisition in Tech

Twelve (N 2019), August 22nd:
Microsoft and Alaska Airlines working with Twelve to make clean jet fuel from carbon emissions, in video!

UbiQD (N 2020), September 20th:
UbiQD and SICPA Expand Partnership on Anti-Counterfeit Security Inks

UBQ Materials (N 2021), September 7th:
PLANETech World 2022 to be the first global conference to incorporate novel material UBQ™ into temporary building structures