World Materials Forum
Newsletter 45

Dear all,

Lots of news as usual in the field of critical materials:  two articles addressing their recycling (Nature and, a piece of opinion concerning rare earths mining in the US (The Denver Post), a report on data centers electric consumption in Ireland (Irish Times) and an analysis of US strengths for securing a critical materials supply chain (EPS News). Last but not least, a paper raising concerns on the impact of Climate change on water resources (Nature).

Further on the scientific front with a wide variety of innovations such as two processes for water purification at University of Tokyo and Rice University. A renewable biocement at NTU Singapore, new silicon nanowires for energy saving at Berkeley National Laboratory, a technology for metal recovery at KIST and finally a new and efficient approach for making electrodes in battery manufacturing at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

In the field of sustainability, we have chosen 5 initiatives: a team from Bar-Ilan University trying to reform coral reefs using 3D-printing, the Better Buildings Initiative trying to decarbonize America's built environment, a video from Deutsche Welle explaining how we can re-use rare minerals, an article from TechXplore on how to use flash heating to recycle automotive components into high-value graphene and finally a presentation of McGill's Sustainable Growth Hub. 

Also 17 of our Start Up alumni were in the news this month : quite a few partnerships announced or progressing (Citrine Informatics - USA with Ubiquitous Energy, CompPair - Switzerland with Decathlon, ArianeGroup and Salomon, Graphene MG - Australia with Rio Tinto, Kebotix - USA with Valqua, Spin Ion Technologies  - France with Quantum Design International, UBQ Materials - Israel with Polymertal and Mercedes-Benz), some funding rounds or grants (Radical Plastics - USA, Rein4ced - Netherlands), scale up announcements (Quantum Ventura - USA, Zeta Energy - USA), interesting press coverage (Bcomp - Switzerland, Demeta - France, Lixo - France, Nitricity - USA, polySpectra - USA, UbiQD - USA) and an award at JEC World 2022 (Blackleaf - France).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading. And for the (lucky) ones of you attending this year's WMF edition, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you once again, or maybe for the first time, in Nancy. 

The WMF Editorial Team.
Victoire de Margerie, Valentin Desbuis & Sélène Ciancioni


Irish Times, May 3rd: 
Data centers now consume 14% of national electricity vs 5% in 2015

Nature, May 10th: 
Put water at the heart of solutions  

The Denver Post, May 24th: 
Rare earth materials mining like in White Mesa is necessary and safe

EPS News, May 25th: 
Can the US rival China for Mineral used Clean Energy

Nature, May 27th: 
Huge quantities of metal lost rather than recycled or reused?, May 29th:
Demand for green metals from recycling expected to grow


Rice University, May 2nd:
Process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater

University of Tokyo, May 13th:
The future of desalination ? A fast, efficient, selective membrane for purifying saltwater 

TechXplore, May 13th:
Renewable biocement made entirely from waste materials

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, May 17th:
New silicon nanowires can really take the heat, May 17th: 
New technology at KIST dramatically increases the recovery rate of precious metal from waste

TechXplore, May 24th:
New approach to making electrodes could make battery manufacture less space-demanding and more energy efficient


Science Daily, May 1st:
Reforming coral reefs using 3D printing

Clean Technica, May 19th:
Better Buildings Initiative is decarbonizing America's built environment

Deutsche Welle, May 24th:
Reusing rare minerals without mining

Rice University, May 26th:
Using flash heating to recycle automotive components into high-value graphene

Mc Gill/Alstom/CDPQuebec, May 26th: 
Sustainable Growth Hub at McGill University


Bcomp (N 2018), May 24th:
Bcomp CEO Christian Fischer interview in Auto Futures e-magazine

Bcomp (N 2018), April 28th:
How A Swiss Scale-up Is Helping The Global Mobility Sector Become Greener

Blackleaf (N 2021), May 4th:
Blackleaf wins Startup Booster Award at JEC World 2022

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017), May 2nd: 
Citrine Informatics and Ubiquitous Energy Announce Partnership for AI-Driven Solar Materials Discovery

CompPair (N 2020), May 14th: 
CompPair and Decathlon successfully complete composite recycling project

CompPair (N 2020), May 16th: 
CompPair works with ArianeGroup to shape the future of space

CompPair (N 2020), May 11th:
CompPair produces the first healable skis with Salomon

Demeta (N 2019), May 11th:
Demeta and its latest innovation highlighted in Techniques de l'Ingénieur (FR) 

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), May 18th:
Graphene MG and Rio Tinto to collaborate on use of novel battery tech

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), May 19th:
Graphene MG talks wonder material's potential for battery market, Craig Nicol interviewed by ProactiveInvestors website

Kebotix (N 2019), May 17th:
Kebotix is partnering with Japanese Valqua to transform materials innovation

Lixo (N 2021), May 24th:
Lixo invited on French channel BFM TV Business

Nitricity (Grand Prix 2021), May 6th:
Climate smart production is the future of fertilizer!

polySpectra (N 2018), May 12th:
Founder Raymond Weitekamp interviewed on Cheddar News

polySpectra (N 2018), May 20th:
Founder & CEO discusses the impetus to develop COR Alpha, a polymer material that’s durable as well as heat-tolerant on DigitalEngineering24/7

Quantum Ventura (N 2021), May 4th:
Quantum Ventura shares the very first working model of their electronics waste metals recovery system

Radical Plastics (N 2020), April 13th:
Radical Plastics awarded $650,000 by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant

Rein4ced (N 2018), May 18th:
Rein4ced raises €12million and patents its ‘unbreakable’ carbon bike frame

Spin Ion Technologies (N 2020), May 2nd:
Spin-Ion Technologies to collaborate with Quantum Design International for the distribution of its Helium-S equipment

UbiQD (N 2020), May 31st:
UbiQD invited in the podcast Lab To Startup

UbiQD (N 2020), May 21st:
UbiQD featured at the Albuquerque Journal

UBQ Materials (N 2021), May 9th:
Polymertal and UBQ Materials Partner to Create Lightweight, Sustainable Material With Metallic Functionalities

UBQ Materials (N 2021), May 5th:
Mercedes-Benz Incorporates Sustainable Materials including UBQ™ Into New Vehicles

Zeta Energy (Special Award Critical Materials 2020), May 18th:
Zeta Energy completes conversion to C Corporation