World Materials Forum
Newsletter 39

Dear all,

Lots of news as usual in the field of critical materials with 2 thorough overviews of the critical materials supply chains as seen by Australian CSIRO's and by US Wilson center's experts, 2 interesting papers on higher quality recycling of EV batteries and electronic wastes (Nature Communications and Pennsylvania State University), an estimation of "greenflation" as a risk for long term renewable energy (Reuters) and a paper on opportunities of developing the downstream of battery materials in the DRC (

Now on the scientific front with perovskite for printed flexible LEDs at Washington University, more efficient supercapacitors and improved energy storage at University of Surrey and Sao Paolo University, improved water electrolysis for green hydrogen at Institute for Basic Science in Korea, color-controlled photonics at Harvard University, lower energy data storage thanks to skyrmion manipulation at room temperature at RIKEN, better cycling performance of Lithium metal batteries at Daegu Gyeongbuk IST, better joining of materials in Solid state batteries at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and finally a thorough review of fusion energy perspectives in Nature.

On the sustainability front, we picked 4 initiatives: India's bid to become a clean energy powerhouse in TechXplore, a review of EV batteries life cycle to reduce their environmental impact by Cornwell University, a proposal to shape a sustainable future for polyurethane by Argonne National Lab, and a new mold to use just the right amount of concrete conceived by Cambridge University.

And finally 21 of our WMF Start Up Alumni were in the news this month. As usual, interesting press coverage (BComp - Switzerland, Brimstone Energy - USA, Carbios - France, Citrine Informatics - USA, Cuberg - USA, Demeta - France, EH GRoup - Switzerland, Graphene MG - Australia, Kebotix - USA, Lixo - France, NAWATechnologies - France, Polystyvert - Canada, UbiQD - USA, UBQ Materials - Israel), an award-winner (Astrileux - USA), some fundings (Anthro Energy - USA, Brimstone Energy - USA, Carbios - France, Primo1D - France, Sepion - USA), interviews (Bram Neirinck from Aerosint - Belgium, Cody Finke from Brimstone Energy - USA, Philippe le Bouteiller from Hymag'in - France, Nicholas Flanders from Twelve - USA) and finally a few promising collaborations (Twelve with Exosonic - USA, UBQ Materials with Polyram Group - Israel).

As always, we hope that you enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team,
Victoire de Margerie, Valentin Desbuis & Sélène Ciancioni


CSIRO, November 3rd:
A framework to understand opportunities and risks in metals forecasts for the energy transition

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, November 9th: Overview of the US supply chain for critical materials

Nature Communications, November 12th:
Selective cobalt and nickel electrodeposition for higher quality battery recycling at University of Illinois

Reuters, November 22nd:
"Greenflation" a risk for long-term renewable energy

Pennsylvania State University, November 22nd:
Selective recovery of neodymium from recycling of electronic wastes, November 25th:
How Congo could become low-cost, low-emissions producer of battery materials


Materials Today, November 9th:
Flexible LEDs thanks to perovskite printing on polymers at Washington University

Daegu Gyeongbuk IST, November 10th:
Better cycling performance of Lithium metal batteries thanks to High Concentration Electrolytes

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 10th:
Scalable and low cost method to improving the joining of Materials in Solid State Batteries

Materials Today, November 16th:
Improved energy storage thanks to more efficient supercapacitors at University of Surrey and Sao Paolo University

Nature, November 17th:
Fusion energy as a serious alternative

Science Daily, November 19th:
Good news in improving water electrolysis for green hydrogen production atInstitute for Basic Science in Korea

Harvard SAES, November 24th:
Better control of photon most important property (its color) for next generation on-chip photonics at Harvard University, November 24th:
Good news in lower energy data storage at Riken thanks to successful manipulation of a single skyrmion at room temperature


TechXplore , November 2nd:
India powers renewable ambitions with solar push

Cornwell University, November 8th:
A review of EV batteries life cycle in order to reduce their environmental impact

Argonne National Laboratory, November 18th:
Shaping a sustainable future for polyurethane

Science News, November 19th:
Our future world based on climate simulations

University of Cambridge, November 22nd:
New concrete mold system uses the right amount of concrete and no more


Aerosint (N 2017), November 10th:
Bram Neirinck interviewed to highlight opportunities offered by powder bed-based additive manufacturing

Anthro Energy (N 2021), November 9th:
Contract received from National Security Innovation Capital (NSIC) to scale up their flexible battery prototypes.

Astrileux (N 2019), October 28th:
Astrileux wins 1st prize of the 2021 MASSCHALLENGE

Bcomp (N 2018), November 17th:
Bcomp highlighted in Composites World, for scalability of natural fiber composites in motorsports

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020), October 28th:
Cody Finke - Brimstone Energy CEO - interviewed for the Podcast My Climate Journey

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020), November 16th:
New Financing to Accelerate Development of the First-Ever Zero-Carbon Portland Cement

Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix 2020), November 19th:
Cement is responsible for 8% of global emissions—but it doesn't have to be : Brimstone Energy in FastCompany

Carbios (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), October 27th: "Plastic is actually the raw material to make plastic again" according to Martin Stephan

Carbios (N 2017 - Grand Prix Scale Up 2021), November 25th : Carbios gains support from the European Commission with a €3.3 million subsidy.

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017), November 5th:
New Release of Citrine Platform, in Business Wire

Cuberg (Grand Prix 2018), October 25th :
Cuberg's high-range & low-weight batteries for planes

Demeta (N 2019), October 28th :
Demeta, high performance and green materials

EH Group (Coup de Coeur 2020), October 21st:
EH Group's story and fuel cell technology for a clean energy revolution.

Graphene MG (N 2020), November 8th:
Graphene Manufacturing Group highlighted in article about graphene aluminium ion

Hymag'in (N 2019), October 10th :
Philippe le Bouteiller, Hymagin COO interviewed : virtuous technology comes out of the lab

Kebotix (N 2019), November 2nd :
Wider Commercialization of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Lixo (N 2020), November 18th:
Lixo, AI at the service of the recycling industry : story covered in l'ADN

NAWATechnologies (N 2019), November 22nd:
Nawa Racer, the new electric motorcycle powered by super-capacitors & lithium-ion tech by Nawa Technologies

Polystyvert (Prix Coup de Coeur 2018), October 30th: Polystyvert highlighted in Le Journal de Montreal

Primo1D (N 2017), November 9th:
World Leader in Smart Embedded RFID, Primo1D Raises 15M Euros for Industrial-Scale Deployment

Sepion Technologies (Coup de Coeur 2017), November 28th : Sepion raises 16M$ and Solvay Ventures is one of the investors

Twelve (N 2019), October 27th:
Interview With Nicholas Flanders, Founder Of Twelve, A Carbon Transformation Technology Company

Twelve (N 2019), November 24th:
Twelve partners with Exosonic to Develop Renewable Supersonic Jet Fuel

UbiQD (N 2020), November 1st:
UbiQD Installs Quantum Dot Solar Window Pilots in Commercial Buildings

UBQ Materials (N 2020), November 6th:
Israeli company converts trash into thermoplastic

UBQ Materials (N 2020), November 10th:
UBQ Seals Deal With Polyram For Sustainable Thermoplastic Compounds