World Materials Forum
Newsletter #37

Dear all,

As always lots of news in the field of critical materials: 3 high level reviews on green hydrogen opportunities and limits (Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy), on deep sea mining potential and risks (IRRE Spectrum) and on global population rise scenarios (Nature) as well as news on the full critical materials supply chain: mining wastes that can be used as catalyst for cheaper hydrogen fuel production (Queensland University of Technology), mines in Canada with a growing potential ( new batteries recycling partnership in the USA (Incus Media) and the acquisition of Spanish copper mines by an Australian mining company (Nasdaq).

Now, on the scientific front with a review of engineered living Biomaterials by University of Glasgow, the influence of light on degradation of Nano materials at George Washington University, gold films to enhance quantum sensing at Perdue University, a chemical process to turn a toxic gas into clean hydrogen fuel at Ohio State University, a more sustainable and cost effective process for battery electrodes at Frauenhofer, Plasma to support reduction of CO2 emissions for fertilizers at Polytechnique Montréal, performance improvement of sulfur batteries at Monash University, next generation electronics at Technical University of Denmark, stabilizing interfaces of solid state batteries at Mc Gill University and a breakthrough made by Argonne National Laboratory physicists to make battery recycling more cost effective.

On the sustainability front, we picked 4 initiatives : 2 on CO2-free steel (a global review of projects in progress in the New Yorker and the specific initiative by Mercedes and SSAB in Green Car Congress), a study by the Department of Energy showing the importance of solar energy in the decarbonation process and a roadmap towards low cost low energy water management by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

And finally some good news from 14 of our WMF Start Up Alumni: media coverage (BlackLeaf - France, Carbios - France, C12 Quantum - France, Demeta - France, Lixo - France, Mallinda - USA), commercial or institutional partnerships (CompPair - Switzerland, GrapheneMG - Australia, Twelve - USA, UBQ Materials - Israel), and new positions opening (Anthro Energy - USA, BComp - Switzerland, C12 Quantum - France, Citrine Informatics - USA, Nitricity - USA).

As always, we hope you will enjoy the reading.

The WMF Editorial Team,
Victoire de Margerie, Valentin Desbuis & Sélène Ciancioni


Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy, August 26th:
A full review on green hydrogen opportunities and limits

Queensland University of Technology, September 10th:
Mining waste could be used as an ingredient for cheaper hydrogen fuel production

IEEE Spectrum, September 13th:
Could deep sea mining be an option for future supply of critical materials?

Incus, September 13th:
First Cathode-grade battery recycling network for North-American market, September 17th:
Growing potential for mining in central Canada

Nasdaq, September 22nd:
Australia Sandfire Resources buys Spanish copper mine Marsala from Mubadala and Trafigura

Nature, September 23rd:
Scenarios on global population rise vary with possible huge impact on the need for critical materials


Nature, August 31st:
A review of engineered living Biomaterials by University of Glasgow, September 1st:
Light influence on nanomaterials environmental transformation

Purdue University, September 3rd:
Researchers use gold film to enhance quantum sensing with qubits in a 2D material

Green Car Congress, September 5th:
Environmentally friendly manufacture of battery electrodes at Frauenhofer

Science News, September 8th:
Plasma to support reduction of CO2 emissions for fertilizers at Polytechnique Montréal

Ohio State University, September 9th:
Transforming 'sewer gas' into clean hydrogen fuel

Nature, September 10th:
mproving performance of sulfur batteries at Monash University

Materials Today, September 23rd:
Next generation electronics at Technical University of Denmark

ACS Energy letters, September 23rd:
Stabilizing interfaces of solid state batteries at Mc Gill

Argonne National Laboratory, September 27th:
Breakthrough research makes battery recycling more economical


Green Car Congress, September 2nd:
CO2-free steel prototype as part of an alliance between Mercedes Benz & SSAB

Department of Energy, September 8th:
DOE releases Solar futures study providing the future for a zero-carbon grid

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, September 9th:
New Master Roadmap Guides Industries To Invest in Low-Cost, Low-Energy Ways to treat salt water and recycle wastewater

New Yorker, September 18th:
A review of new manufacturing techniques to reduce steel CO2 techniques


Anthro Energy (N 2021), September 1st:
Anthro Energy is hiriging a Staff Scientist & a Battery Engineering Associate

BComp (N 2018), September 13th:
Bcomp is hiring a Supply & Demand Planner and a Quality Engineer in Switzerland

C12 Quantum (N 2021), July 13th :
C12 Quantum in the Top-10 Great prize i-Lab

BlackLeaf & C12 Quantum Electronics (N 2021), September 16th:
BlackLeaf & C12 Quantum Electronics highlighted in the CNRS's "Innovation Letter"

C12 Quantum Electronics (N 2021), September 27th:
Many positions available at C12 QE (France)

Carbios (Grand Prix 2017), September 28th:
Martin Stephan, interviewed by BFM Business for the opening of Carbios first industrial plant

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017), September 16th:
Citrine Informatics is hiring an account executive in Europe

CompPair (N 2020), September 13th:
CompPair comes together with The Ocean Race to contribute to sustainable boat building

Demeta (N 2019), September 31st:
Demeta accelerates the deployment of its innovative Nextene resin

Graphene Manufacturing Group (N 2020), September 14th:
GMG supports Queensland University of Technology pilot for piezo-supercapacitors for self-powered medical implants

Kebotix (N 2019):
Johnson Matthey uses Kebotix AI capabilities to enhance its digital strategy

Lixo (N 2021), September 21st:
Lixo mentionned in an article about circular economy

Mallinda (N 2018), September 6th:
Mallinda highlighted as a key player in a Business Wire report on Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Nitricity (Grand Prix 2021), September 1st:
Looking for a role in agtech ? Nitricity is hiring engineers, technicians & analysts

Twelve (formerly Opus 12 - N 2019), September 21th:
Twelve's technology highlighted in Fast Company for its first use on the market

UBQ Materials (N 2021), September 5th:
UBQ Materials mentioned in an article on German automotive industry in search of supply chains for recycled materials