World Materials Forum
Newsletter #28

Dear all

Again a very busy month!

Lots of news as usual in the field of critical materials: an interesting review about tin (the “forgotten” critical material), some insight about the innovation projects funded by DOE to accelerate US self sufficiency on the full supply chain of critical materials, a good “zoom” on life cycle losses on rare earth supply chains for wind and solar energies and of course the new China 5 years plan with the highlight on 2 aspects: Aljazeera on electronics and Bloomberg on Hydrogen.

Further on the scientific front with a variety of innovations such as redesigning battery collectors and adding plastic to make them lighter, safer, and lower cost while improving overall battery performance (Stanford), using 3D printing to make stronger and greener cement (Berkeley), engineering Vanadium Oxide at room temperature to make more buildings energy saving (Melbourne), adding new catalysts for enhancing degradability of polypropylene (Tokyo) ... and facing the new frontier of electronics with a view on 2 faces: the new 5nm chip that seems to bring little benefit in cost and speed... and the opportunity to use quantum dot transistors for a flexible alternative to conventional electronics (LA National Lab/UC Irvine)

On the sustainability front, we picked 2 examples: one simple but with high impact on using less materials - the launch of I Phone 12 with less accessories and smaller packaging - and one more complex ... and very smart - plastic wastes as raw materials for high quality graphene at Rice University.

10 of our great Start Up Alumni are also in the news this month with new product launches (FredSense - Canada, Momentum Technologies - USA, Nawa Technologies - France, Rein4CED - Belgium), key technical trials (Cyprus Materials - USA), new cooperation with major group (Imagine Intelligent Materials - Australia) or statutory press coverage (Citrine Informatics - USA, Mallinda - USA, Opus 12 - USA)

Wishing as always that you enjoy the reading.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


Reuters, October 14th: 
A review about tin, the forgotten critical material 

Greencar Congress, October 16th: 
4 innovative projects funded by US DOE to support domestic supply chain for critical materials

Science Direct, October :
Life cycle losses of rare earth from solar/wind energy technologies and their role in future material availability

Aljazeera, October 29th: 
Some key objectives of the new China 5 years plan and the expected impact on the electronics industry

Bloomberg, October 31st: 
A provocative view on “Hydrogen Wars” 


Forbes, October 12th: 
The new 5 nm chip seems to bring little benefice in cost & speed 

UC Berkeley, October 13th: 
Using 3D printing and PLA/ABS addition to make stronger concrete with lower CO2 emissions

Stanford University, October 15th: 
Redesigning batteries collectors while partially replacing copper with polymer and flame retardant makes a triple win: safer, lower cost and higher energy density

EurekAlert, October 29th: 
Los Alamos National Lab and UC Irvine propose a new way to use quantum dot transistors for a flexible alternative to conventional electronics

Phys.Org, October 30th: 
Palladium catalysts for enhancing degradability of polypropylene at University of Tokyo

University of Melbourne, October: 
Using Vanadium Oxide at room temperature to make more buildings energy saving


CNBC, October 14th: 
I Phone 12 launched with less accessories and smaller packaging 

EurekAlert, October 29th: 
Turning plastic wastes into high quality graphene at Rice University  


B Comp (N 2018), October 28th: 
Successful crash test of natural fibre Front Impact Absorbing Structure at Test house of Politecnico of Milan 

Citrine Informatics (Grand Prix 2017), October 30th: 
Successful cooperation with Lanxess in the field of glass fibers highlighted in German magazine PlastVerarbeiter

Cypris Materials (N 2020), October 13th: 
Cyclopure absorbents outperform ion exchange in removing PFAS from water 

FREDsense (N 2019), September 30th: 
Launch of a portable water toxin sensor for rapid identification of COVID-19 in sewer systems. Monitoring 100 water treatment plants could be the equivalent of testing 2 million people? 

Imagine Intelligent Materials (N 2018), October 28th: 
Imagine and Stora Enso co develop real time wooden structure leak and strain detection technology 

Mallinda (N 2018), September 28th: 
The story of Mallinda in Composites World

Momentum Technologies (N 2019), October 20th: 
Further progress on recovering Co/Ni from Recycling Lithium Ion EV batteries on top of recovering rare earths from Recycling of mobile phones 

Nawa Technologies (N 2019), October 6th: 
High tech electrodes used in ultra capacitors can be adapted for current generation lithium ion batteries with game changing performance 

Opus 12 (N 2019), October 14th: 
Company potential highlighted in Washington Post thematic paper about climate change solutions

Rein4CED (N 2018), October 2nd: 
New Kelly bike with frame made of hybrid carbon and steel fiber composites that combine stiffness and lightweight characteristics of carbon with toughness of steel (in German)