World Materials Forum
Newsletter #23

Dear all,

This month is a special newsletter as we would like your help to prepare for our 6th edition that, as you know well by now, will happen next June 10th and 11th - as always in Nancy.

So we started World Materials Forum in 2015 with the objective of decoupling economic growth and the use of our natural resources and materials while creating value for our industries all along global supply chains.

Since our 2nd forum in 2016 we have been working on developing key performance indicators (KPIs) that can measure our progress on this decoupling route. We have developed 9 such KPIs and grouped them under the concept of materials efficiency. We think that monitoring, measuring, disclosing and improving material efficiency is mission critical, especially for key decision makers - be private or public - to make informed decisions.
So the 1st survey of this special Newsletter aims to get your opinion on the most relevant material efficiency topics and the pathways to effectively deploy materials efficiency KPIs on an industry-wide basis.

Since 2018, we also started our International Chapters in San Francisco, Tokyo and Melbourne - and soon in Shanghai - in order to anchor WMF communities locally and to raise future subjects to be discussed at WMF.
So with the 2nd survey, we now wish to get your opinion on the different topics that were raised/discussed in San Francisco, Tokyo and Melbourne, and on which we think that your input is highly determinative.

Please take a few minutes to complete the surveys

Thank you!
Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin