Newsletter #17

Dear all

We are now back to the normal format of our newsletter with a flurry of articles in our 4 usual categories: critical resources, material sciences, design & digital technologies and sustainability initiatives.

And a very interesting blog from Bill Gates explaining how sustainable growth comes from a combination of innovations and actions on several avenues - not only one!
> Bill Gates, August 27th

Also we have added a new category that will be dedicated to the news published by our WMF start ups starting with Aerosint (Belgium), Fluence Analytics (USA), Mallinda (USA), Mosaic Materials (USA) and Opus 12 (USA).

As always, we wish you a great reading and we will welcome any feedback.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


Reuters, August 27th:
The future of EV battery materials supply

CNBC, July 18th:
Fuel Cell Technology & Africa

Bloomberg, August 2nd:
Germany turns to hydrogen...

Science Daily, August 14th:
Using Less silver and copper for same efficiency solar panels at Warwick


European Coatings, June 11th:
Argonne National Lab propose new coatings based on sulfur containing polymers for lithium batteries cathodes

Science News, June 28th:
One step forward at French CEA to turn hydrogen into a metal ... and save vast amount of energy when integrated into electronics

Science Daily, August 27th:
Breakthrough performance (high power density & low energy consumption) achieved at Forschungsverbund Berlin with transistors based on gallium oxide

Eurekalert, August 28th:
First report of superconductivity in a nickel oxide material at Stanford


Science Daily, August 8th:
New strategy to design super efficient perovskite based LEDs at University of Tokyo

Eurekalert, August 28th:
New algorithm for faster materials discovery jointly developed at Berkeley and Brookhaven


Reuters, August:
IKEA to use only renewable and recycled materials by 2030

Mining Magazine, August 16th:
One step forward on breakthrough technology to improve further the environmental footprint of the global aluminum industry


Aerosint, July 3rd

Opus 12, July 10th

Mallinda, July 11th

Fluence Analytics, July 31st

Mosaic Materials, August 26th