Newsletter #14

Dear all

We are now a few days from kicking off WMF 2019 and we look forward to welcoming you in Nancy!

So here is our no 14 with a flurry of articles on critical materials - noticeably but not only for battery applications.

As well as a set of breakthrough research projects in materials science (novel material structure for more powerful data storage, perovskites rather than silicon for future solar cells, new breakthroughs driving turbo engine efficiency and graphene contributing to a more efficient hydrogen reaction).

Also some progress on modeling coordination between Autonomous Vehicles in order to improve traffic flow.

And finally a very interesting World Bank new project to foster international cooperation and develop energy storage in developing countries.

As always, we wish you a great reading and we will welcome any feedback.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


Reuters, May 2nd:
Tesla to partner with mines in the USA and Australia?

Science News, May 7th:
A thorough review of Lithium properties and perspectives including a world cartography of existing and future mines

Bloomberg, May 28th:
Some changes in the Samsung Volkswagen battery supply relationship

Visual, May 28th:
Copper’s role in the transition to clean energy

Capital Research Center, May 28th:
Current dependence and future solutions for rare earth supply

CNBC, May 29th:
Possible cut off of rare earths supply by China?


Eurekalert, May 9th:
Cornell and Berkeley propose some new material design structure for more powerful data storage

MIT Tech Review, May 16th:
Perovskites rather than silicon for future solar cells at Oxford

Open Access, May 21st:
Breakthroughs in materials science are driving turbo engine efficiency

Green Car Congress, May 28th:
Improved improved graphene’s ability to catalyze the hydrogen evolution reaction demonstrated at Tohoku University


BBC, May 21st:
Cambridge research shows that driverless cars working together can improve traffic flow by 35%


World Bank, May 28th:
International cooperation to develop energy storage in developing countries