Newsletter #12

Dear all,

During March we had preparatory calls and meetings with more than 80% of WMF 2019 speakers and we now expect our 5th edition to be just great - again one notch better than the previous one.

Also the jury of our WMF Start Up Challenge will meet at the end of this week and the variety and quality of applications received from the entire world will make it a tough job to decide on the 2019 nominees.

So here is our no 12 with a new bench of sustainability initiatives (global industry standards for construction and inspection of tailing dams, use of 3D to build quick and affordable housing for homeless, EU tightening of CO2 limits for cars). As well as a review of emerging solutions to identify new and reliable sources of rare earth or to use EV batteries as a source of Lithium and Cobalt. Also AI is seen as a great tool to predict the useful life of batteries... but still slowly used by the automotive industry altogether. Finally it is certainly worth reading how Aluminium Graphite Dual Ion Batteries could be highly efficient at low cost and also how dual personality electronics materials have been discovered at Ohio State University.

As always, we wish you a great reading and we will welcome any feedback.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


Science Daily, March 4th:
Rutgers researchers have found a possible new source of rare earth elements - phosphate rock waste - and an environmentally friendly way to get them out

Access Wire, March 28th:
American Manganese and the US DOE cooperate for economic recovery of Lithium-ion battery materials from electric vehicles and other consumer goods


Materials Today, March 27th:
Dual personality electronics material discovered at Ohio State University

AZO, March 29th:
Highly Efficient Aluminum–Graphite Dual-Ion Batteries at Low Cost


Springer, February 2019:
University of Melbourne uses AI to improve smartphones energy efficiency

Stanford News, March 25th:
AI to predict useful life of batteries

Forbes, March 27th:
Surprisingly slow uptake of AI in the automotive industry


Reuters, February 27th:
Global industry standards for construction and inspection of tailing dams

Fast Company, March 11th:
Ultra low cost 3D printed homes built in less than a day

Bloomberg, March 27th:
37.5 percent CO2-reduction target for 2030 compared with the 2021 limits