Newsletter #10

Dear all,

Here is our #10 with a variety of news in the field of self heating fast charging batteries, new applications for silicon as battery material in solar aircrafts and at the same time possible alternatives to silicon in semi conductor or other solar applications. As well as ways to combine AI with robots, cars... and humans to speed up materials discovery or improve mobility solutions.
And also an interesting innovation to longer-lasting desalination device that produces cleaner water. Finally worth reading how a French energy company and a US car maker successfully cooperate in order to reduce grid cost and CO2 emissions... in Australia!

As always, we wish you a great reading and we will welcome any feedback.

Victoire de Margerie & Philippe Varin


TechXplore, June 28th:
Self heating fast charging batteries thanks to nickel foils at Penn State University

Hackaday, December 3rd:
Metal and air instead of semiconductors - a comparative analysis of tungsten-, gold-, and platinum-based devices at University of Melbourne


Wired, November 19th:
Perovskite rather than silicon for developing a new generation of more efficient solar cells with a material abundant in nature

Science News, December 11th:
A light-absorbing lid made of 3 layers (metal ceramic composite, carbon foam and aluminum) and its separation from the water's surface may lead to longer-lasting device that produces cleaner water


Global Banking and Finance, November 7th:
AI and robotics to speed up materials discovery at Harvard

Forbes, December 3rd:
Leveraging AI to cut the average time needed to develop a new material to 1-2 years from the current 10-20 years and human-machine collaboration is crucial hereto

Newsweek, December 6th:
Ending traffic jams and parking problems while easing access to suburbs and rural areas thanks to autonomous cars and their related softwares


PR Newswire, December 4th:
100% silicon anode contributes to new endurance and altitude record for Airbus Zephyr Solar Aircraft

Good News Network, December 11th:
Cheaper replacement to previous fossil-fuel dependent system and zero carbon emission by Neoen and Tesla in Australia