Welcome to our 7th edition:
Green Technologies and Materials: the Convergence

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17 June – Opening speech

2.00 PM > 2.15 PM

Philippe Varin,Chairman World Materials Forum (France)

17 June – Welcoming speech

2.15 PM > 2.30 PM

Mathieu Klein,Mayor of Nancy (France)

17 June - Plenary Session 1 - Critical Materials

2.30 PM > 4.30 PM

Mark Cutifani, CEO Anglo American (UK/Australia), Co-chair
Robert Friedland, Executive Co Chairman Ivanhoe Mines (Canada) & Executive Chairman Ivanhoe Capital (Singapore), Co-chair
Christophe Poinssot,COO BRGM (France)
Rebecca Gordon, CEO CRU Consulting (UK)
Frank Bekaert, MD Mining & Metals Mc Kinsey (Belgium)
Peter Carlsson, CEO Northvolt (Sweden)
Moderator : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum

4.30 PM > 5.00 PM

17 June – Roundtable: Decarbonation of Bulk Materials

5.00 PM > 6.30 PM

Tadeu Carneiro, CEO Boston Metal (USA)
Francois Rousseau, Dean Mines de Nancy (France)
Thomas Olivier Leautier, Chief Economist EDF (France)
Enrico Borgarello, Product Innovation Director Heidelbergcement (Italy)
Rohitesh Dhawan, President & CEO ICMM (UK)
Moderator : Gervais Jacques, ex COO Rio Tinto Alcan (Canada)

17 June - Innovation dinner (announcement of Start Up Challenge awards)

7.45 PM

18 June - Plenary Session 2 - Conversion to Electrification

8.45 AM > 10.45 AM

Thierry Le Hénaff, CEO Arkema (France), Co-chair
James Litinsky, EO MP Materials (USA), Co-chair
Karim Zaghib,Professor University Mcgill (Canada)
Peter Frischmann, CEO Sepion (USA)
Prof. Mainak Majumder, Uni Monash (Australia)
Jean-Philippe Hermine, VP Strategic Environmental Planning Renault (France)
Moderator : Sam Riggall,CEO Sunrise Energy Metals (Australia)

10.45 AM > 11.15 AM

18 June - Plenary Session 3 - WMF Key Performance Indicators

11.15 AM > 1.00 PM

Pierre-André de Chalendar, CEO St Gobain (France), Co-chair
Shigeru Oi, Chairman JXNMM (Japan), Co-chair
Hiroaki Yamamoto, President and CEO MHI RJ Aviation (Canada)
Vincent Bamberger, Managing Partner ADL (France)
Céline Méchain, Managing Director Goldman Sachs (France)
Moderator : Johan Menckel, CEO Granges (Sweden)

1.00 PM > 3.00 PM

18 June - Plenary Session 4 -  The Future of Packaging: Recycling and Smarter Materials

3.00 PM > 5.00 PM

Bob Patel, CEO LyondellBasell (USA), Co-chair
Jean Hornain, CEO CITEO (France), Co-chair
Marco Giovannini, CEO Guala Closures (Italy)
Jennifer Holmgren, , CEO Lanzatech (USA)
Jean Marc Boursier, COO Suez (France)
Pascal Chapon, VP R&I, Director of the Packaging Materials Techno Center Danone (France)
Moderator : Jean Sentenac, CEO Axens (France)

5.00 PM > 5.30 PM

18 June - Scientific Speech: Hydrogen or Ammoniac - Why not both?

5.30 PM > 6.00 PM

Prof. Thierry Belmonte, Dean Institut Jean Lamour (France)

18 June - Gala dinner (announcement of Scale Up Grand Prix)

7.30 PM

19 June - Roundtable: The Journey to Green Hydrogen at Scale

8.45 AM > 10.15 AM

Ilham Kadri, CEO Solvay (Belgium)
Patrick Koller, CEO Faurecia (France)
Jean Bernard Levy, CEO EDF (France)
Matt Price, President Activate (USA)

10.15 AM > 10.45 AM

19 June - Closing Session: WMF Top 10 Technologies

10.45 AM > 12.45 PM

Shunichi Miyanaga, Chairman Mitsubishi Heavy (Japan), Co-chair
Ola Rollen, CEO Hexagon (Sweden), Co-chair
Prof. Hideo Ohno, President Tohoku University (Japan)
Dr Heike Riel, Lead Research Quantum IBM (Germany)
Greg Mulholland, CEO Citrine Informatics (USA)
Laurent Frescaline, CEO I Pulse (France)
Moderators : Prof. Victoire de MARGERIE,Vice-Chairman World Materials Forum
Stéphane Mangin, Université de Lorraine

19 June -  Closing remarks

12.45 PM > 1.00 PM

Philippe Varin, Chairman World Materials Forum (France)

1.00 PM | Buffet lunch